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Condition Report for Apartment/Unit

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Before entering into a legally binding contract such as a lease, it is crucial for the tenant to make sure that all provisions are made in order to ensure the proper return of their security deposit. A security deposit is paid upon occupancy in the event that during the tenancy, no damage is done to the dwelling. A deposit is usually in the amount of one full month's rent or one half of a month's rent.

One such crucial provision that can be made is what is called the apartment condition report. This is a checklist of damages noted in detail of the apartment before moving in. It is then completed once again at the termination of the tenancy. These reports should cover every room, fixture, and appliance in the apartment. When it is completed and signed by both tenant and landlord, make sure both parties retain copies and that one is attached to the lease.

Follow the format below for your own protection and convenience. Remember, if you lose your security deposit and your damage report had been completed and signed, there is not much you can do.

Click Apartment Condition Report for a pdf version.



















Include the following for EACH resident:

Name of Resident: _________________________________
Signature of Resident: _________________________________
Date: _________________________________