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Off-Campus Housing Fair

office of residential life

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Off-Campus Housing Fair Dates:

The Office of Residential Life hosts three off-campus housing fairs each year. There is a fair hosted each fall, spring, and summer. The fall and spring fairs are designed for undergraduate students while the summer fair is geared towards graduate and law school students. Despite the target audience, graduates and undergraduates are welcome to attend any and all fairs.

 Term    2017-2018 Fair Dates    Audience    Location  
 Fall  October 12, 2017 at 2:00PM   Undergraduates   Thomas More Apts. 109 
 Spring  February 13, 2018 at 4:00PM   Undergraduates   Walsh Hall 131
 Summer   June 15, 2018 at 11:00AM  Graduate/Law Students   McMullen Museum



Who Attends the Off-Campus Housing Fairs?

The attendees will vary from fair to fair, but generally students will find four categories of people and organizations at the fair:

  1. Real estate agents and property management companies
  2. Local utilitity providers and furniture resources
  3. Boston College Off-Campus Living staff
  4. City of Boston resources (MBTA, ISD, Fire Dept.)

Interested in attending the graduate/law off-campus housing fair (6/15/18) as a landlord, property manager, or real estate agency? If so, please fill out this online request form and our office will contact you if you have been approved or denied. Please note, space is limited.  

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Common Questions:

What do I do at the fair? 

The off-campus housing fair is an opportunity for students to meet with many different real estate agents and local property management companies in an efficient and personal manner. You can ask specific questions about properties they may have within your price range or options to that may be able to accommodate your specific group size. It is often best to attend the fair as a group (those that you plan to live with), but this is not necessary. You likely will be asked to provide your name and email address to the agency so they can follow up with you as apartments that meet your needs come available. You can also get information about setting up utilities like cable and Internet and renting or purchasing furniture. You will also have staff from BC at the fair who can answer any housing questions that come up for you.

Will I be offered discounts?

There is no requirement for the real estate agents to waive or reduce their fee by connecting with you at the housing fair, however, we always recommend you negotiate the broker fee if you ultimately sign a lease through a real estate agent. Although it is unlikely they will waive their fee, it is more common to see them reduce it from one month's rent to a half a month's rent - but you need to ask and advocate for yourself. 

How long do I need to stay? 

Although most fairs run for about two hours, you can come and go as you please during that time. There is no requirement to stay for any specific period of time. We recommend making your way around each table and learning as much as you can from each resource, but it is totally up to you how you spend your time.

How do I register to attend as a student?

Guests such as students, faculty, staff, or parents do not need to register for the fair. Simply attend at the date and time when we are hosting the event and stay for as long as you want. All real estate agencies, management companies, or vendors need to register with our office and approved before they can attend.

Will someone from BC be there to answer my housing questions? 

Yes! Often times students aren't quite sure where to start when it comes to securing off-campus housing. Therefore, there will be staff from BC Off-Campus Student Living as well as Housing Assignments, and the Office of International Programs (OIP) to answer all your questions about finding off-campus housing, on-campus housing or housing appeals, as well as the study abroad program.


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