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Room Selection Process

office of residential life

Basic Steps of the Room Selection Process

Step 1: Complete online housing intent form and residency agreement through the new Agora Portal on posted dates.

Please note that declaring your intent is required, but it is not enough to guarantee your housing assignment. In order to secure a housing assignment for the fall semester, you must register for final selection or select a room as part of a group. If you declare your intent and do not complete either of those processes, your housing will be forfeited.

Step 2: If you are interested in special interest housing, complete the appropriate application.  If you have a medical condition, psychological or physical disability that you would like to request specific accommodations for, you must contact our office via e-mail at or set up an appointment via telephone at 617-552-3060 no later than Friday, February 13, 2015.

Step 3: Identify your preferred room types, organize your group and designate a group leader. Each room type has accommodations of different occupancy sizes. In order to register for a specific sized accommodation, you must have a equal size group - partial groups are not permitted.

Step 4: Register through the Agora portal on the correct date and time for the accommodation.

Step 5: If your group is selected, you will receive a time to select a room online. Your group leader will pick the actual room(s) and assign each member of the group into a bed space within the selected room(s). Once complete, your group is finished with participation in the room selection process.

Step 6: If your group is not selected for a specific room type, your designated group leader will return to Step 3 and follow the process through again for another room type.

Housing Eligibility

In order to guarantee for yourself a space on campus, you must register and select a room as part of a group, or register for final selection.

If an eligible student has not completed the necessary steps in the room selection process, they are no longer guaranteed housing and must complete an appeal for housing via Agora. These students will receive housing on a space-available basis.

Students who are administratively placed will be assigned to an accommodation during the month of August. These assignments are not subject to review or change. Medical and extreme personal circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by the Office of Residential Life.

Incoming Freshmen

Incoming freshmen are not assigned on-campus housing through this process.  If you are an incoming first year student, your housing assignment and roommate information will be communicated during the first week in August.