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Campus Living

Moving Day


Transitioning to campus life usually takes some time. The Office of Residential Life staff report that discussions with parents frequently center on concern for their student's social adjustment to college life, as well as concerns about roommates and other living situations.

This department understands this transition can be a difficult process for both students and parents. Students will encounter a variety of challenging situations throughout their college years, and it is our hope to assist them as they grow and develop as young adults.

The Office of Residential Life looks forward to partnering with parents in the months and years ahead, and ask that parents keep the following in mind as they work together:

  • While problems may arise as students adjust to life on campus and in the residence halls, it is important that each student take an active role in working to resolve these problems. Residential Life staff members are here to work directly with students and facilitate the problem-solving process. Please realize that while they are happy to speak with parents about concerns they have as a parent, it is very important that staff work directly with the students involved. As a student will realize, direct and clear communication is the key to resolving most issues.
  • Roommate conflicts always have multiple perspectives and points of view. Before taking action on a reported concern, the staff works to gather all perspectives and learn as much as they can about the situation. The Office of Residential Life staff will then work directly with the students involved to help resolve the issue. Both professional and student staff members are trained in conflict mediation skills and can often help roommates acquire necessary listening and communication skills that will assist them throughout their years of living on campus.

The Office of Residential Life looks forward to working with students as they find a home on The Heights!