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May 8, 2013

Boston College does not insure student property. Further BC cannot assume liability for student possessions. To that end, students should ensure their property on Campus is covered under their parent’s Homeowners Insurance. Additionally, there are several other insurance carriers who can provide this insurance if your Homeowners coverage will not . Boston College has located one such company that is listed on the Res Life website regarding Student Personal Property insurance.

Below are plan highlights of the coverage which includes a link to Personal Property on Gallagher Koster website where students can enroll and obtain additional information:

To protect you and your property, Gallagher Koster offers Personal Property Protection to students, faculty & staff.

Plan Highlights

  • Covers loss due to accidental damage, theft, fire, water or vandalism
  • Covers computers, cell phones, books, clothes, and more
  • Worldwide protection, including when studying abroad or on vacation
  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Full 12 month policy period
  • Free Identity Theft Coverage
  • Low rates and $0 deductible option when enrolled online at

Accidental damage and water damage is included so if flooding occurs as a result of sprinklers going off, pipes freezing, or a water bottle spills on a laptop, all damage is covered.