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Ask an Honors Student

current students answer common questions

I was really involved in high school. What are some opportunities for me to get involved at BC?

There are plenty of different ways to get involved at BC. Whether it’s in a singing group or one of many BC’s band groups, on a intramural or club sports team, doing research with a professor or volunteering in the local community, there are literally hundreds of ways to become involved at BC. –John Scola, 2011

BC has many extracurricular opportunities. Activities range from music, athletics, and service to dance groups and film clubs. You’ll find plenty to get involved in, and you can always start up a new club if you can’t find what you’re looking for at BC. –Rachel Banke, 2012


What is it like to live in Medeiros?

Medeiros is a great place to live. Medeiros is great for both studying and socializing. You get to know and trust everyone with whom you live. The building itself is nice as well. The set-up is not like a typical floor, so it feels more like a co-ed residence hall. Everyone’s close to the bathrooms, and there are not too many people to a bathroom. –Rachel Banke, 2012

Living in Medeiros is like living with a small family. The blocks are small enough that everyone gets to know each other very well. This also produces a much more respectful environment because everyone cares about the other people they live with. –Margaret Connolly, 2012

Since Medeiros is the only hall that is set up townhouse-style (as opposed to long hallways), it is much easier to meet the other people in you building, and therefore you all bond a lot more quickly and closely. My Medeiros friends remained my best friends throughout all of freshman year. Medeiros is also a lot quieter than many of the other halls. Though we do socialize a lot during the day and weekends, we also know how to quiet down at night and get our work done. Medeiros definitely offers the perfect balance between socializing and academic focus. Finally, Medeiros hosts Honors activities, such as dinners with Honors professors and upperclassmen, fairly regularly. These activities were always enjoyable, informative and worthwhile. –Kathryn Weintraub, 2012


I’m afraid of being isolated from the rest of the freshman class. How can I make friends that are not in the Honors House Program?

If you make any kind of effort, you’ll make friends outside of the Honors Program. There are a lot of people to be met in the dining halls, through extracurricular activities, and in classes. If you stay in Medeiros all day every day, however, you might get stuck in the Honors House Program mud (albeit a very pleasant mud). –Steven Salcedo, 2012

Join clubs. You'll get to know upperclassmen who will be eager to introduce you to more people, and you'll be well-connected before you know it. You'll also meet people through your classes. Spending time outside of your room is key — go to lectures that sound interesting, do your philosophy readings in the Dust Bowl, join pickup Frisbee games, go watch soccer matches, ride the Newton bus. Take initiative and introduce yourself — encountering people is easy, and making a new friend is just one more step. –Denise Yu, 2012


How far away is Medeiros from my classes? What about the library?

Medeiros, like the rest of Upper Campus, is about a 5-minute walk from Middle Campus, where all of the academic buildings are located. The main libraries on campus, O'Neill and Bapst, are also located on Middle Campus and are probably about 5-7 minutes away from Medeiros. –John Scola, 2011


Is there study space in Medeiros?

Yes. Every block in Medeiros has a recreational lounge with a TV and a study lounge with desks and chairs. Both are comfortable study spaces. –Kathryn Weintraub, 2012

Yes, there are two lounges in each section of Medeiros. Typically, one lounge will be designated as a study area, and one will be more of a place to hang out and socialize. –John Scola, 2011


What are the advantages of living in the Honors House Program?

I think the Honors House Program allowed me to quickly and easily find a great group of people who over the past 2 years have become my best friends. It is certainly a nice residence hall in terms of facilities and the residents are perhaps more focused on academics compared to the rest of BC. I think the close, community feel and the friendships it enables are the biggest advantages of the HHP. –John Scola, 2011

The townhouse set-up is a more intimate style of living; it's much easier to meet people living in your building. Though Honors kids know how to have fun, they also know when it is appropriate to get their work done; there is a fine balance between socializing and academic study, and the Honors House Program achieves this balance. It's an exceptionally great group of kids!!! –Kathryn Weintraub, 2012

I loved living in Medeiros. It was a great way to gently ease into college life, because it felt just like having a family at home. –Margaret Connolly, 2012


I’ve heard that students who live in Medeiros are all bookworms. Is this true?

Absolutely not. We have students who play club and intramural sports, play in the Marching Band and BC’s jazz band, do a lot of community service, and are involved in a lot of clubs. In my experience, however, students aren’t always chasing down good grades or spending their time on these clubs. I think it’s absolutely vital to occasionally just let loose, relax, and do something fun — whether it’s on campus or in the city of Boston. For the most part, students living in Medeiros would agree with my last sentence and really take the motto “Work hard, play hard” to heart. –John Scola, 2011

No, students in Medeiros have plenty of fun. Students in the Honors House have many interests outside of classes, including music, dance, and sports. –Margaret Connolly, 2012


What do students do for fun?

Most people hang out with their friends during their free time. We play games, watch movies, and just sit around and talk. I found it really easy to find friends who shared similar hobbies. O'Connell House, the closest space BC has to a student union, is also really close to Medeiros. It houses activities on weekend evenings and has space for studying, watching movies, playing pool or air hockey, a dance room, or just hanging out. –Rachel Banke, 2012