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Honors Program

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Each year, approximately 140 students are admitted into the Arts & Sciences honors program as part of the top 5% of the incoming freshman class. These students, along with honors students have the opportunity to live together in a close-knit residence hall community. Students in the honors program not only benefit from the stimulating intellectual and philosophical discussion that arises as a result of the diversity of its residents, but also from the close relations fostered between students, faculty and administration through academic and social programming.

"Honors Housing is a great way to form a fairly substantial initial community of friends and acquaintances.  Living with people that share classes as well as the more general Honors experience enhances many of its positive aspects.  It's definitely a good way to get to know people and feel more secure and in-tune with the program."
Brendan Kracke, CSOM 2010

First Year

When students first move on-campus, the experience of living away from home can often be a bit overwhelming. Within a matter of days, incoming freshmen seem to be thrown into a mix of academia, sports, and other extracurricular activities, while at the same time trying to maintain self-sufficiency. Between meeting new people, reading Plato's Republic, auditioning for a role in the new play at Robsham Theatre, and the constant bustle of doing laundry, the fast pace of college life takes some time to get use to.

However, the close-knit living fostered by the community style rooms in Medeiros Hall make this transition a bit easier to handle. Whether it's taking advantage of the outdoor space on Upper Campus, hanging out in the social or study lounge, or taking a trip into downtown Boston on the T, the Honors House Program wants Medeiros residents to strive for balance.  Many have high academic expectations of themselves, but also enjoy carving out free-time for exciting activities during their first year at Boston College.

First year students Ask an Honors Student

Medeiros Hall Quick Numbers

Total number of residents           103
Total student rooms                    48
Common bathrooms                   3 per tower
Students sharing a bathroom       Approximately 11
Lounges                                     Each tower (A, B, C) have a study lounge and social lounge


Sophmore Year

Home to a floor of over 60 sophomore honors students,  66 Commonwealth Avenue is affectionately known to students as "66." It is equipped with the latest in media technology resources, including an entertainment lounge sporting a 50-inch flat screen television with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound. Add to this 2 fully enclosed lounges and a chapel, resulting in one of the most functional residence halls on campus.

The honors program occupies the second floor of 66 Commonwealth Avenue.

66 Commonwealth Avenue Quick Numbers

Total students in building         227
Total Student rooms               105
Honors student rooms             26
Common bathrooms                2 per floor
Students sharing a bathroom    approx. 30
Lounges                                2

Building Highlights:

  • Located on Lower Campus
  • Renovated in 2006
  • Multi-faith chapell in building


Junior /Senior Year

Located on Lower Campus, Gabelli Hall is home to upperclassmen who choose to participate in the honors program. Gabelli's apartment-style rooms house 154 students, of whom 40 are honors students. During their junior and senior years, honors students will create and implement their own programs.

The honors program occupies the first and second floors of Gabelli Hall.

Gabelli Hall Quick Numbers:

Total students in building        154
Total student apartments         41
Honors student apartments      10
Lounges                                  4

Building Highlights:

  • Located on Lower Campus
  • Renovated in 2012
  • Kitchen and common living area in each apartment

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