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Graduate Resident Director

job description

Basic Function and Responsibility

Graduate Resident Directors (GRD's) are 10-month, full-time graduate staff who live in and have an office in the residence hall. A Graduate Resident Director is responsible for a particular community. They provide support services directly to students; supervise Resident Assistants (RA's) and Office Assistants; oversee all educational, social, and operational activities; and adjudicate student conduct cases.

Primary Areas of Responsibility

Staff Supervision

The Graduate Resident Director is responsible for the following staff supervision in his/her assigned building/area:

  • Supervise and evaluate Resident Assistants
  • Plan and conduct staff meetings with Resident Director on a weekly basis
  • Meet with each staff member individually on a regular basis
  • Plan and implement staff development programs
  • Supervise Work-Study students (e.g., Office Assistants)
  • Advise staff on appropriate student and floor interventions
Student Formation

The Graduate Resident Director is responsible for the following aspects of student development in his/her assigned building/area:

  • Collaborate with the RA Staff and Resident Director to implement student formation based community programming
  • Create and implement monthly, theme-based, building-/area-wide programming
  • Advise Residence Hall Council (where applicable), attending all meetings and programs
  • Serve as an Conduct Hearing Officer
  • Provide academic and personal counseling to students; make referrals when appropriate
  • Nurture relationship with the Resident/Peer Minister, who lives in the building

The Graduate Resident Director is responsible for the following aspects of operations in his/her assigned building/area:

  • Facilitates opening and closing of his/her building or area
  • Conducts health and safety inspections
  • Coordinates follow-up for all maintenance and housekeeping concerns/requests through, and with, the Central Office and Campus Partners
  • Conducts weekly walk-through of building
  • Maintains regular office hours balanced among mornings, afternoons, and evenings
  • Facilitates check-in/check-out procedures and room changes
  • Works with the Housing Assignment Specialist to ensure proper occupancy records and reports
Department and University Relations

The Graduate Resident Director participates in the following Department and University relations:

  • Attends in-service training programs and one-on-one meetings with his/her respective Resident Director
  • Acts as a liaison with faculty, the Jesuit community, and University offices
  • Responds to students and parents regarding Residential Life issues
  • Assists with the implementation of University and Departmental goals and objectives
  • Attends office staff meetings as required
  • Participates in Departmental Committees and other department related initiatives


The Graduate Resident Director receives the following compensations:

  • Staff Apartment, including cable, local phone, and utilities
  • Full Meal plan during academic year
  • Tuition remission for 15 credits per year
  • $8,000.00 stipend paid over 10-month period (+$2500 for employment over the summer)

Supervision Received

Direction is received from a Resident Director and an Assistant Director of Residential Life.

Supervision Exercised

Supervision is exercised over Resident Assistants and potentially an Office Assistant.


A successful candidate for the Graduate Resident Director position at Boston College will possess prior residence hall or student leadership experience at the undergraduate level, as well as a Bachelor’s degree. The candidate must also be accepted to the Higher Education Administration program at Boston College. Candidates must demonstrate leadership, communication, community development skills, and a commitment to Jesuit values.

Application Process

Please contact Michael Lorenz, Assistant Director for Training and Selection, for all questions or inquiries.

Please note that the Office of Residential Life is committed to supporting students who are pursuing careers in the profession of higher education. With that in mind, strong preference will be given to applicants who have been accepted into the Boston College Higher Education Administration program (MA or PhD).

In general, the application/selection process for all graduate assistantships in the Division of Student Affairs (which includes Residential Life) begins after students have been admitted to the Higher Education program, which typically occurs in January or February.

*** If you are a student who is pursuing a graduate degree in a different academic discipline, we would encourage you to contact your academic program for information on available assistantships.***