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office of residential life

Residential Life Staff


Contact Information by Functional Area:

Office of Residential Life, Maloney 413 617-552-3060
Room Selection and Placement 617-552-3060
Off-Campus Student Living 617-552-3075
Summer Student and Conference Housing 617-552-4727
Transitions: Hall Openings and Closings 617-552-4727
Facilities Maintenance 617-552-3048 Work Orders
Access: Cards, Combos, and Keys 617-552-3060
Programs, Flyers, and Lounge Reservations 617-552-3060
Residence Hall Staff Directory 617-552-3060


Office of Residential Life Mission:

The mission of the Office of Residential Life is to create a respectful, healthy, inclusive, and safe living community for our residents.  We are committed to integrating the Ignatian tradition into the formation of each student by connecting their intellectual, ethical, religious, and spiritual lives through a multiplicity of programs and services.  Our role in this formation is to promote the academic mission of the University, encourage responsible and ethical behaviors, engage residents in conversations regarding diversity, and to create safe, well-managed learning environments where students can seek the greater good.  The Office of Residential Life seeks to accomplish these goals in particular through:

  • Providing safe, secure, and well-maintained residence halls
  • Offering programs and leadership opportunities designed to promote responsible decision making and personal accountability
  • Providing educational, developmental, social, and spiritual support to our students
  • Recruiting and selecting a competent staff that reflects the cultural and personal diversity of the resident student body
  • Managing responsible and accountable fiscal and administrative policies and services

In the formation of our students, through the accomplishment of these goals, the Office of Residential Life complements the nature of Boston College as a University in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition.