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ArcGIS Tutorials

This page has links to extensive ArcGIS 9 tutorial files in pdf format for the Boston College community. To access a file, click on the link and enter your Boston College username and password. You will get a pdf file, which you can view or save.

The first list contains tutorials related to general ArcGIS usage. To get started, select "What Is ArcGIS", which gives an overview of the ArcGIS software system. Another file to consider, if you are a GIS beginner, is "Getting Started with ArcGIS". The next crucial file in understanding how to build GIS projects is "Using ArcMap" .

The second list has extensive tutorials to some of the most popular extensions of ArcGIS. For example, if you are interested in Spatial Analysis of GIS data, start with "Using Spatial Analyst".

We encourage the use of the ArcGIS 9 system. If you are a ArcView 3.3 user, please contact us ( for tutorials, and other documentation.

ArcGIS 9

ArcGIS Extensions