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General Information

Short Description: Amber is a collection of molecular simulation programs.

Category: Computational Chemistry

Installation Information

Version: 9       Version Date:  2006

Technical support:  Please contact Research Services (

Terms of Use:  

License Information

Number of Licenses:  Licenses for use on the Linux Cluster.

Type of License:  Licensed for use on the Linux Cluster 

Installed Sites: Linux Cluster.

Installed Platforms: Linux

Vendor/Developer:  Amber is developed in an active collaboration of David Case at The Scripps Research Institute, Tom Cheatham at the University of Utah, Tom Darden at NIEHS, Ken Merz at Florida, Carlos Simmerling at SUNY-Stony Brook, Ray Luo at UC Irvine, and Junmei Wang at Encysive Pharmaceuticals. Amber was originally developed under the leadership of Peter Kollman, and Version 9 is dedicated to his memory. (from

Vendor Website:

Usage Information

To use first load the amber module by typing:

    module load amber

 Amber manuals are available online at