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Research Services

Research Support

Research Services provides consulting for Statistics, Qualitative and Mixed Methods data analysis, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Scientific Computing, Computational Mathematics, and Visualization.  Consultants help researchers (faculty, staff and students working on faculty sponsored research) do their own work, providing guidance, resources and examples. Research Services also can host and setup Web sites and provide database assistance. In addition Research Services offers workshops and tutorials. There is no charge for the support Research Services provides. To schedule an appointment contact us at:

Statistics, Research Methods, and Surveys

Research Services  has expertise in Statistics, Qualitative and Mixed Methods Data Analysis, and Surveys. Our consulting services include:

  • Designing experiments, observational studies, or surveys, including testing, data security and compliance
  • Help preparing grant proposals, publications, or dissertation research
  • Selecting methodologies and planning of data collection
  • Assistance with planning and performing statistical data analysis
  • Assistance with statistical analysis, modeling, and computing
  • Consulting on interpreting results from analysis
  • Conducting  tutorials,  seminars and workshops on statistical topics
  • Customized training for projects and departments
  • Software licenses, upgrades, documentation and  maintaintenance
  • Assistance with choosing, learning, and the technical issues of statistical software such as Stata, SAS, SPSS, and R
  • Assistance with choosing, learning, and the technical issues of qualitative and mixed methods software such as  Atlas.ti, HyperResearch, and Nvivo
  • Assistance with Qualtrics, REDCap and other Online survey tools

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Research Services has expertise with ArcGIS, a system for designing, managing, and analyzing geographic referenced data.  Research Services provides the following:

  • Consultation on visualizing and analyzing geographic data
  • Help finding and using GIS data sources
  • Help getting started with ArcGIS and GIS analysis
  • Training and specialized consultation for projects and departments
  • ArcGIS license administration, upgrades, documentation and maintenance

Computational Mathematics, Computing, and Visualization

Research Services has expertise with computational Mathematics and Visualization, including utilizing computing tools such as MATLAB and Mathematica. Research Services provides the following:

  • Help with:
    • Mathematical methods
    • Computational modeling
    • Complex systems analysis
    • Data visualization
    • Numerical computation
    • Data analysis
  • Assistance with statistical analysis with MATLAB
  • Help getting started with MATLAB and Mathematica
  • Help using MATLAB and toolboxes more productively
  • Assistance using MATLAB and Mathematica for research projects
  • Training including tutorials and workshops
  • Customized training for projects and departments
  • MATLAB and Mathematica license administration, upgrades, documentation and maintenance

 BC has a Linux cluster to support research computing. Research Services can provide:

  • Assistance with Linux, using the cluster, and the cluster queuing system
  • Assistance in writing, debugging, parallelizing, and porting codes
  • Installation of commercial and public domain software

Data, Web, and Databases

Research Services can assist you with your data, and has expertise in Web technologies and databases.  Research Services can:

  • Host, create, and set up web sites, or, for extensive sites, work with you and your developers
  • Write web interfaces to databases, sensor data, data from studies, field work, data from simulations and mathematical models,or aggregate data from local, national and international databases so that the data can be analyzed and/or displayed in creative ways.
  • Create custom surveys beyond the capabilities of existing survey software and sites.
  • Assist with Java, PhP and other code
  • Provide technical assistance with databases such as MySql and Microsoft Access
  • Help you archive data  (We will work with the Library on data curation)
  • Help you find data sources (we work closely with the Library)
  • Help you with the application process for secure data