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Group Tennis Lessons

Adult Beginner Tennis

This is an introductory class for adults who will learn tennis techniques, strokes, and practice drills. This is a great step-up program to learning the fundamentals of tennis. No prior experience necessary!

Adult Intermediate Tennis

This class is for adults who already have good stroke fundamentals and are looking to get more competitive with the sport. Technique, placement, timing, drills, and point play will all be taught.

*It is not required that players move up to the Intermediate level upon completion of the beginner course. You can receive feedback, analysis, and advice from the instructor to assist you in the registration decision.

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To register online for lessons, click the link above or contact Member Services at or 617-552-0797 for additional information.

    - The Grips of the Racquet
    - Basic Forehand Stroke
    - Basic Backhand Stroke
    - The Basics of Volleying
    - Introduction to Serving
    - Introduction to Footwork
    - Introduction to Scoring and Effective Practice
    - Game Play

Groups generally range from 4 to 12 players with 2 instructors. In the Beginner Clinic, you can expect a brief introduction to the game including the strokes, movement, and strategy.  Classes will often begin with drop fed balls to develop proper groundstroke technique and proceed accordingly until players are eventually hitting from the baseline. Players will also be introduced to serving and volleying, and will eventually integrate the various skills to develop good footwork and an approach to match play.  The class will be centered around instructor-fed balls with perhaps some friendly-competitive games to hopefully further the player’s skills and interest for the sport. (Please note there will only be 1 instructor if there are 4-6 participants.)

Week 1:

    - Introduction to grips
    - Forehands and backhands
    - Introduction to volleys

Week 2:

    - Introduction to serving
    - Forehands and backhands
    - Volleys and net play

Week 3:

    - Serving
    - Forehands and backhands (changing between grips)
    - Introduction to footwork

Week 4:

    - Introduction to scoring and effective practice
    - Development of footwork
    - Integration of forehands, backhands, and volleys

Week 5:

    - Competitive game play
    - Integration of forehands, backhands, and volleys

    - Development of Topspin
    - Introduction to Slice
    - Introduction to Overheads
    - Focus on Footwork (Split-stepping)
    - Work on Ball Control
    - Introduction to Strategy (Singles and Doubles)
    - Introduction to Match Play

In the Intermediate Clinic, you can expect a more in depth focus on the skills built in the Beginner Clinic, specifically groundstrokes and volleys. There will be an increased emphasis on topspin and ball control, and players will also be introduced, or further develop, their slices and overheads. While a good portion of the class will most likely be instructor-fed balls, students will be pushed to rally with each other and possibly play match-style points. The Intermediate Clinic will be faster paced, requiring players to have a basic understanding of the game, and will foster a more competitive atmosphere encouraging players to go out and play!

Week 1:

    - Focus on footwork
    - Introduction/refresh on topspin
    - Baseline strokes
    - Volleys

Week 2:

    - Serving
    - Baseline strokes and ball control
    - Introduction to slice and overheads

Week 3:

    - Serving
    - Baseline strokes and rally
    - Slice and Overheads
    - Work on approach shots

Week 4:

    - Introduction to match strategy and play
    - Rally
    - Ball control with baseline strokes and volleys

Week 5:

    - Match-style play
    - Integration of forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, slices, etc.