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Tennis Instructors


Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm; Thursday 6 - 7pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm & 3 - 7pm

Playing Experience: Gretchen comes from a large family of tennis players.  She started playing tennis at the age of 4 and never stopped, attending numerous camps, clinics and lessons. She has participated in USTA junior leagues and started playing in USTA tournaments when she was 14. In high school, she made the Varsity team her freshman year. During her four years on the team, she played at various positions, including the No. I singles and doubles positions.  She was selected to the all conference team in her sophomore, junior and senior years.  In her senior year, she served as captain and was named MVP. Gretchen now plays for the Boston College Club Tennis team. 

Coaching Experience: Gretchen has coached at a summer camp where ages ranged from 3 to 14. She has worked with both groups and individuals. 

Age Preference: Gretchen is most experienced working with kids aged 5-14, but is happy to work with people of any age.

Other Qualifications: In addition to teaching tennis, Gretchen is also a certified EMT and is a member of Boston College EMS. 



Availability: Monday 5 - 7pm; Saturday 3 - 7pm; Sunday 2 - 7pm

Playing Experience: Jack began to play tennis at the age of 10. He continued to play multiple sports but tennis took precedent when he started to play tennis in high school at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, IL. Jack played on the junior varsity team during his freshman and sophomore years and then moved to varsity his junior and senior years, being named a team captain his senior year. He led his team to two conference championships and many tournament wins. In addition to school play, Jack has participated in many doubles and singles USTA tournaments. Today, Jack continues to play for recreation with friends.  

Coaching Experience: For the past three summers, Jack has held tennis lesson for his neighbors at local courts. Participants have ranged from kids as young as five to adults as old as seventy-five. Jack has held both private and group sessions. Through teaching larger group sessions, Jack has learned to make lessons fun, and enjoyable as well as beneficial to all participants. 

Age Preference: Jack has experience teaching all ages and abilities and is more experienced with younger ages.



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm

Playing Experience: Tim started playing tennis at the age of 7 and has been playing the game ever since. He attended various summer training camps and has received private instruction for several years. In high school, Tim played competitively at the varsity level for 4 years and served as the team's captain during his senior year. In addition to his extensive experience in high school, Tim was part of a summer league that allowed him to train with the best players in his county every summer since he was 13. Today, Tim continues to play for recreation.

Coaching Experience: Tim has spent the past three summers teaching both private and group lessons to students of all ages. He started out by providing lessons to children from the community at his local tennis courts, but expanded his clientele to players that ranged from varsity high school players to adults who play in a competitive environment. This past summer, Tim was a tennis coach at his local country club. He worked with children during the day and provided private lessons to adults in the afternoon, allowing him to tailor his lesson plans to different types of players.

Age Preference: Tim is comfortable working with players of all ages and is most experienced with youth. 



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm; Friday 11am - 1pm; Sunday 3 - 5pm

Playing Experience: Lexie has been playing tennis since she was 8 years old and playing competitively since she was 9. She competed in USTA tournaments throughout her tennis career and played for the Varsity tennis team all four years at Massapequa High School. Competing in both doubles and singles, she went on to become the captain of the team her junior and senior years of high school. 

Coaching Experience: At the age of 12, Lexie became a coach-in-training at her tennis academy, teaching tennis to beginners for four years. She has taught group lessons for children between the ages of 4 and 15 for four years at Farmingdale Youth Council. She also coached for the Special Olympics in high school, working with children and adults who look at the game from a different perspective. At Boston College, she is involved in the 4Boston program, Tenacity, where she coaches tennis to children at Jackson Mann K-8 school while promoting academic excellence and social justice. She looks forward to working with both children and adults and sharing her love for the game.



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm

Playing Experience: Bryce has played tennis since he was 5 years old, but began playing competitive tennis during his middle school years. He played at North Yarmouth Academy in Maine as a singles player. During high school, Bryce played singles all four years, and was the #1 singles on his team, as well as captain and MVP, his senior year. Bryce competed in the Maine Principle's Association singles tournament for three years, finishing as a quarter finalist his senior year.

Coaching Experience: Bryce has coached children ages 5-14 throughout the past three summers at the North Yarmouth Academy tennis camps. He has experience working with beginners as well as advanced players.

Age Preference: He will gladly work with anyone, but prefers to coach juniors, especially of the beginner level.



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Friday 8am - 1pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm & 5 - 7pm

Maggie is a senior at Boston College majoring in communications. For every summer since she was 15, Maggie has been teaching tennis and has enjoyed every moment of it. During her first summer teaching tennis she worked at Hyannisport Club where she was an instructor from summer 2011 through summer 2013. After that, she worked on Nantucket as a tennis instructor at the prestigious Great Harbor Tennis & Swim Club. Most recently, she was the assistant head pro at Kings Grant Racquet Club on Cape Cod. Maggie has been taking tennis lessons since she was 8 years old and started playing competitively in USTA tournaments at age 12. She made the varsity Barnstable High School girl’s tennis team as a freshman and helped lead her team to four consecutive undefeated seasons. Along with that, she helped her team capture the Old Colony League championship title in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 making her a Cape Cod All-Star all four years. She also helped her team win the South Sectional Championship in 2012, 2013, and 2014, eventually going on to capture the Massachusetts state title in 2014. Also in 2012, she won the South Sectional State Doubles Championship. As a sophomore, she was awarded the Boston Globe and Boston Herald All-Scholastic Achievement Awards for her accomplishments in tennis. Maggie never lost a high school match, even at the state level. At her peak she was ranked in the top 50 in New England in the girls 18 & under



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Tuesday 9 - 10am; Thursday 9 - 10am; Saturday 11am - 1pm

Playing Experience: Erica is a current senior at BC from Haddonfield, New Jersey. She has 10 years of competitive tennis experience in both singles and doubles. In addition to participation in USTA tournaments and leagues, she has held top positions on her high school and club teams.

Coaching Experience: Erica has 3 years experience coaching beginner players as well as intermediate to competitive juniors, but is open to coaching all ages and skill levels. 



Availability: Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm; Thursday 7 - 8pm

Playing Experience: Patrick started playing tennis at age of 6 with father. At age 10 started to play tournaments and take private lessons. Played #1 singles all 4 years of high school and won individual state championship title in 2014. Played USTA tournaments as well, competing in national tournaments in Delray Beach, FL and Kalamazoo, MI. Current 4-star recruit with a national ranking of 170 on Also a current sophomore on BC Club Tennis team.

Coaching Experience: Patrick has taught tennis since 8th grade, working with his dad who runs the tennis program at a yacht club on Cape Cod. Works at other clubs in the summer and is familiar instructing all ages. Has given private lessons to young children, teens and adults, and as experience working group clinics.

Age Preference: Most experience is with young kids, but equally enjoys all ages.



Availability: Tuesday 9 - 10am; Thursday 9 - 10am; Thursday 6 - 8pm; Friday 8am - 1pm

Playing Experience: Matt started playing tennis at the age of 13 and got really involved with tennis when he was in high school. He's taking professional tennis lessons for a few years as well as played all throughout high school (4 years on varsity and captain of the team for his junior and senior year). Aside from playing for his high school, Matt was part of an outside league where he played matches during the week against the best players from all over Long Island. Matt continues playing tennis by playing on club teams as well as other outside leagues. 

Coaching Experience: Since he was 16, Matt has been an instructor for advanced/intermediate players at a summer camp. Aside from coaching, he has also organized league and tournament play. Also, Matt has conducted private lessons for a variety of players ranging from beginners to college players.

Age Preference: Matt is comfortable teaching and coaching players of all levels and ages but prefers working with teenagers or adults.

Other Qualifications: Aside from teaching tennis, Matt is also a certified tutor for mathematics and physics (students as young as elementary school and as old as college) as well as a graduate student who teaches introductory physics classes so he's used to teaching in a professional and courteous manner.



Availability: Monday 7 - 8pm; Wednesday 5:30 - 6:30pm; Saturday 3 - 4pm; Sunday 3 - 5pm

Playing Experience: Myles began playing tennis at the age of 7 and has not stopped playing since. At age 12, he began to participate in competitive USTA tournaments involving the sectional and national levels in places such as Ohio and Oklahoma. He played #1 singles on varsity for 3 years in high school and won the league championship 4 years in a row. Myles was named team captain for sophomore, junior, and senior years. He is a former 3-star recruit and current sophomore on the BC Club Tennis Team. 

Coaching Experience: Myles has one year coaching experience coaching young kids at a country club in Eastchester, NY during the summer.

Age Preference: Myles is comfortable teaching and coaching kids and adults of all ages. 



Availability: Wednesday 9 - 11am; Sunday 3 - 4pm

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Availability: Monday 6 - 8pm; Wednesday 6 - 8:30pm; Thursday 7 - 8pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm & 3 - 7pm; Sunday 11am - 6pm

Playing Experience: Kendall has been playing tennis for 15 years, competitively for most of that time. She played on her high school varsity team since 8th grade and was voted captain her senior year. She played doubles for most of her career, claiming the State Doubles Championship in 2014. Kendall also competed in many USTA tournaments during the off-season and summer, playing both singles and doubles.

Coaching Experience: Kendall has been a junior tennis professional for the past three summers at a country club in Minnesota. She has lots of experience coaching both group and private lessons of all ages and abilities.



Availability: Tuesday 9 - 10am; Wednesday 8am - 1pm; Thursday 9 - 10am; Friday 8am - 1pm

Playing Experience: John began playing tennis at eight years old. He has experience playing USTA tournaments, high school and college tennis, and in the Boston Tennis Tour summer league. In college he was a co-captain of the tennis team, playing #2 singles and #1 doubles at Connecticut College where he received his undergraduate degree.  

Coaching Experience: The past two summers, John has taught tennis at Longwood Cricket Club. Here he has done private lessons, clinics, and was the head of the summer upper camp. John has taught group classes as well for the city of Newton. Currently, he is an assistant tennis coach at Wentworth Institute of Technology. 

Age Preference: John is comfortable teaching all ages and levels. He has the most experience working with teenagers and adults.



Availability: Monday 6 - 8pm; Wednesday 6 - 8:30pm; Thursday 6 - 8pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm & 3 - 7pm; Sunday 11am - 7pm

Playing Experience: Peter has played tennis since he was seven years old. He and his family have always been very involved in tennis: enjoying tennis-themed birthdays and watching tournaments together. He became very dedicated to tennis as a junior player, competing in USTA singles tournaments in the Philadelphia area from the ages of ten to fourteen. Transitioning into high school, Peter was a four-year varsity player, playing 1st doubles as a freshman and sophomore and 3rd Singles for his Junior and Senior seasons. As a senior, Peter was named varsity captain of the team and was an all-league selection. Throughout his tennis career, Peter has taken numerous clinics and private lessons from several different coaches. Today, he enjoys playing tennis recreationally.

Coaching Experience: As a freshman, Peter was the manager of the high school girl’s tennis team, in which he taught fundamentals to junior varsity players, while running drills and teaching doubles strategy to the varsity players. In his freshman and sophomore summers, Peter worked for a tennis company called The Tennis Farm in which he was a camp counselor who taught children from the ages of eight to fourteen. As senior captain, Peter used his leadership position to share his knowledge of strategy and fundamentals to assist in improving the team.

Age Preferences: Enjoys teaching the game to all ages and skill levels.



Availability: Monday 5 - 8pm; Wednesday 5:30 - 8:30pm; Saturday 11am - 1pm; Sunday 11am - 3pm

Playing Experience: McKenna ­has been playing tennis for 15 years. She participated in the USTA tournaments in Southern California until she was selected to play on the varsity team her freshman year at her boarding high school. She was voted captain her senior year and played on the No. 1 doubles team, which took her and her teammate to the Southern California Section CIF Championships her senior year. In college, she participated in the USTA National Championships on the women’s’ doubles team as a freshman. She is a left-handed player, so she also brings different techniques to the table.

Coaching Experience: McKenna was an assistant coach for her high school coach during the summers of 2015 and 2016. She helped to train rising seventh graders, eighth graders, and incoming freshmen in preparation for high school tennis. As a freshman in college, she also was the assistant coach for the Newton Country Day School’s girl’s junior varsity team, in which she organized practices and workouts daily.

Age Preference: McKenna is most experienced with middle school and high school kids, but is happy to work with people of any age.