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Outdoor Adventures Staff

BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Alex


Alex is from Florham Park, NJ and has three younger sisters. Her favorite animal is the polar bear and her favorite outdoor activity is climbing, which she started doing with her dad when she was young and then continued a lot in the past year. Alex is an English and Communications double major and she runs the Outdoor Adventures Gear Rental cage! Her interest in OA started last year with the leadership course, which she thinks is fabulous and highly recommends.


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Chris


Chris is a junior from Wallingford, CT studying Environmental Geoscience. This semester he is am studying marine biology in Ecuador and the Galápagos! As an avid outdoorsman he enjoys SCUBA, hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, and nature photography. His favorite places to hike/camp/canoe is Baxter State Park in Maine.


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Grace


Grace (Class of 2015) hails from Cincinnati and somehow, despite the flatness of Ohio, has developed a bit of an infatuation with the mountains (more like an obsession for them). She finds that she is much more coordinated when walking on the inclined surface of a mountain, and generally prefers to be moving straight up a vertical face than walking on a horizontal surface. She also likes kayaking, puppies (because all dogs are puppies to her), bungy jumping, and putting her hammock as high as she can in tree branches for a little R&R. After living in New Zealand for 5 months while "studying" abroad, her love for the outdoors and bringing other folks along on her adventures has skyrocketed. Tallyho, to the mountains we go! 


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Jay


Jay is a junior with a CSOM Finance & Operations major. His favorite Outdoor Adventures activities are Stand Up Paddleboarding and Rock Climbing. He went on both the Utah and Oregon multi-day trips and had a great time. His favorite trail food is beef jerky.


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Jeffrey


Jeffrey is a junior at BC studying International Relations and Economics. Though originally from the barren landscape of West Des Moines, Iowa, he is now a well-traveled guy familiar with many terms of the outdoorsman’s lexicon like gnarly, eddy, and red-in-the-shed. His pastimes include woodworking, water skiing, marathon running, bear wrestling, and brunch.  He considers himself to be an easy, outgoing person who loves to travel and lead trips. He primarily lead hiking and paddling trips for OA.


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Katelyn


Katelyn grew up hiking, skiing, boating and biking in the Adirondacks. Her interests in the outdoors have taken her all over the US, Canada, as well as Central and South America, from skiing in the Andes to windsurfing in Aruba. After a ski-racing career she has transitioned to an outdoor leader for clubs and programs in her hometown and at Boston College, as well as teaching classes for the Outdoor Leadership program at BC. Katelyn’s favorite outdoor activities include telemark skiing, trail running and climbing. Her favorite outdoor destinations include backpacking in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone River and skiing powder in El Colorado, Chile. She hopes to explore New Zealand and Alaska someday.


BC Outdoor Adventures Staff - Lauren


Lauren is a junior studying Political Science with a double minor in Islamic Civilization and Environmental Studies. She is from Raynham, Massachusetts and grew up exploring New England! Some of her favorite outdoor activities are hiking, camping, skiing, and kayaking. She is now a trip leader for Outdoor Adventures!