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Personal Trainers

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Allison


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Allison’s passion for health and wellness has lead her to pursue and experiment with a variety of training forms. Her experiences with college-level athletics, Crossfit, mind-body exercise, NPC competitions, and cardiovascular training provides her with a diverse background and base to pull from. Allison seeks to work alongside individuals at any fitness level in order to achieve their goals. She emphasizes mind-body connectivity and designs well-rounded programs that improve endurance, power, and strength. Her ultimate goal is to facilitate a connection with fitness that will benefit every client physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to impact overall health and wellness.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Austin


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Through years of programming, training, and communicating with professionals in the fitness industry, Austin has learned valuable lessons about effective exercising that anchor his philosophy of simplicity and specificity. Whether a client has general or competitive aspirations, Austin implements simple, relevant, and proven “old-school” exercises to maximize adherence, progression, and goal attainment for optimal results. Additionally, he believes that fitness is a life-long endeavor unique to each individual; therefore, Austin places great emphasis on the client’s enjoyment and ambitions so that they may uncover their own training philosophy for a lifetime of successful and fulfilling exercising. Thus, training with Austin challenges clients mentally and physically with each session through measurable and effective movements, educates clients to better understand training principles, and ultimately prepares clients for knowledgeable and autonomous exercising.



Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Bria feels like building up to and accomplishing a goal is the most rewarding feeling ever. As a trainer, Bria focuses on setting long and short-term goals for both strength and endurance training. Being very interested in sports and exercise psychology, Bria puts a lot of emphasis on encouraging and motivating her clients to push through both physical and mental obstacles to attain their goals. Outside of training, Bria plays multiple intramural sports, as she has been an athlete her entire life. She concentrates on staying positive and motivated as she continues her own fitness journey.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Daisy


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Daisy’s passion for health and fitness began as a varsity and USTA tennis player and continued in college when she pursed a position as an officer in the military. Her training emphasizes physical strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall fitness. After sustaining a series of injuries, she also developed a wide knowledge base for maintaining fitness in recovery and exercise for injury prevention. Daisy enjoys helping others develop independence and a love for fitness by making workouts rewarding and enjoyable, focusing on dynamic movements to aid balance, strength, power and stamina.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Erica


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Maddog Athletics Certified Spinning Instructor

Personal Wellness: As the daughter of a personal trainer, Erica grew up in an environment that emphasized the importance of having fun while living a healthy, active lifestyle. A lifelong soccer player and avid runner, Erica ascribes to a fitness philosophy that combines creative circuit training with more traditional movements to build both muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. She strives to support and motivate clients at all fitness levels and to create an upbeat exercise environment that encourages clients to challenge themselves. Erica is also an advocate of including group fitness options in any training program and works as a Spin instructor here at the Plex!

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Grace


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: As a former national, collegiate, and varsity dancer, Grace has been exposed to many different training and coaching techniques. With a special interest in core stability and flexibility, Grace also enjoys high intensity interval training and different variations of total body conditioning. After an extensive hip surgery, Grace has ample experience with injury recovery exercise and stresses the importance of proper form and overcoming mental obstacles. She enjoys incorporating a wide variety of exercises and movements to make working out both enjoyable and challenging for both the body and mind.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Hailey


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: As an All-League water polo player and California State butterflier, Hailey comes from a predominately aquatic background. After high school, she quickly discovered that her true passion lies on solid ground in the gym. Hailey enjoys the challenge of working with clients of varying interests, abilities, and goals. She specializes in strength training and muscle building and is experienced in circuit training, high intensity interval training, boxing, powerlifting, and balance and flexibility training. Hailey’s philosophy is that fitness is a lifestyle and that the gym should be a positive environment for personal growth, both mentally and physically. She believes that exercise provides a safe space to challenge oneself, be creative, apply discipline, build mental fortitude, and accomplish personal goals.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Jake


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Jake specializes in strength training and loves to see his clients reach their goals above all else. That is why he is focused on doing all that he can to help his clients reach their goals, so they can learn to love working out as much as he does. He has been enthusiastic about working out and being in shape since a young age. He grew up playing hockey and lacrosse, and then found his passion for weight lifting. In high school, Jake was the captain of his powerlifting team his junior and senior year. Breaking a total of 32 state and 1 national powerlifting records. Jake believes that lifting is never something people love at first, but it is something you grow to love when you start to see the results and reach your goals. Jake is eager to work with any client that is ready to succeed, whatever their goals may be.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Jennifer


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Ever since joining the Cross-Country team in high school, Jennifer enjoyed the challenge of competing with herself for a personal record. Before Jennifer started strength training in college, she experienced the challenges of motivation and adherence to a fitness program. Her newfound passion for strength training along with her experience working with hospital patients influenced her attitude change towards the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Jennifer’s training involves a mix of calisthenics, yoga, and strength training. She believes it is important for her clients to learn about all types of training in order to find one that they like, and to maintain creativity and variety in weekly workouts for optimal enjoyment.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Mariah


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Mariah’s passion for health and fitness has been a natural progression, beginning with swimming, water polo, and skiing from a young age, and transforming into gym-based weight training and running throughout college. She believes that exercise can and should be an empowering outlet that creates self-confidence, happiness, and balance in life. She tailors each client’s workout plans to their goals, whether that be improving functional movement, working through an injury, changing body composition, or some competitive aspiration, all the while keeping workouts interesting and dynamic. She strives to simultaneously support and challenge clients, provide them with educational information, and ensure goal setting to both track and continue progress.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Marisa

Marisa (abroad Spring 2018)

Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: From a very young age, Marisa has led an active lifestyle. Health and fitness are among her main priorities as well as greatest joys. With a background in cross country, race training, lacrosse, and dance, she is focused on targeting the strength and flexibility of the entire body. She wishes to help guide individuals in proper technique and innovative workouts, while encouraging them to challenge themselves physically and mentally in regards to their personal health. She hopes to share her passion with others and promote fitness as one aspect of achieving the healthiest version of the whole self. 

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Matt

Matt S.

Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Matt recognizes the essentials of goal-setting, hard work, and accountability in order to excel in all aspects of fitness. As a former college recruited baseball player and varsity athlete, he understands that a strong mentality and competitive mindset is imperative to performance and self-improvement. Matt emphasizes overcoming both physical and mental barriers for maximal goal achievement, and stresses the ideology of building the strongest version of ones self. Matt’s style of training focuses on support of a strong foundation for mobility, utilization of compound movements for strength gains, and periodization volume training for muscular growth and hypertrophy.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Matt

Matt B.

Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Throughout his years as an athlete, Matt has been challenged by many mentors, coaches, and peers to set and exceed goals in all aspects of his life. The knowledge and guidance that he has received has influenced him as a personal trainer. He seeks to provide his clients with the same sense of education, independence, and confidence, which continues to help him grow. For Matt, fitness is a lifestyle which includes proper exercise, nutrition, and care for one’s body. He brings this mindset to his training along with a focus on mobility, flexibility, and proper form–to reduce injury and create greater fitness gains. In his free time, Matt likes to try new ways of staying fit like boxing, yoga, and swimming.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Matt

Matt K.

Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: As a current member of the Boston College Men’s Volleyball team, Matt is experienced in a wide-variety of training programs. Through his own practices in injury-rehab, mobility training, and powerlifting, Matt is equipped with the skillset to design and implement a comprehensive training regimen to set you up for success. He treats each client differently, recognizing that what works for one person may not work for another. He takes pride in bringing a fun and educational approach to every workout. Specializing in strength training and muscle growth, each session is rich in variety, with an emphasis on channeling the power of the mind/body connection. His aim is to equip you with not only the skills, but also the knowledge of how to reach your fitness and health goals.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Nick


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Nick is a driven individual who has been exercising his entire life. He began working out at a young age, gaining much of his base knowledge from his Martial Arts experiences. Progressing into his teenage years, Nick played soccer and wrestled. Through these experiences, he has developed a training style that emphasizes the importance of discipline, exercise form, and the muscle-mind connection. He specializes in bodyweight training, high intensity training, flexibility, and balance. Nick seeks to work alongside individuals at any fitness level who have goals and are determined to achieve them.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Noah


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Noah believes that the only barriers to athletic success are mental ones. Ascribing to the belief that the human body is both stronger and more capable than we assume, he positively motivates and encourages his clients to push harder and dig deeper to conquer all of their fitness goals. As a former varsity football athlete for Boston College, Noah has a background in power and Olympic lifts. However, his training style includes a holistic approach, with mastering bodyweight lifts and movements while improving cardiovascular power and endurance as key pillars. Both his personal and professional philosophy maintain that success comes from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Oliver


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: As the son of two collegiate athletes, being active has been a part of Oliver’s life for as long as he can remember. One of his earliest memories of fitness is when his mother had him run suicides in the high school parking lot to prepare him for pee wee football. Upon entering college, he realized that even though he was no longer competitively playing sports, he could continue to push himself in the gym. He wants people to feel enthusiastic and empowered when they think about physical fitness. Oliver is enthusiastic about helping every client achieve their goals by making workouts that are enjoyable and rewarding.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Sam


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Sam’s passion for fitness began as a varsity soccer and track athlete, but further developed following a serious injury that sidelined her from physical activity for nearly a year. During this period, she realized how crucial both full-body conditioning and proper nutrition are to ones well-being. Sam looks forward to working with clients of all abilities – from those new to the gym to individuals looking to elevate their performance – by integrating a mix of cardiovascular, resistance, and balance training. In doing so, she hopes to create an environment that challenges and empowers her clients to reach their personal fitness goals. 

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Santiago


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Santiago is a goal-driven individual who has always believed in the various benefits of regular exercise. He began working out at a young age and fostered his workout experience even further in a military academy. He believes in the applications of calisthenics, power lifting, and high intensity interval training. He believes in the effective setting of goals and tries to help clients best reach them. His goal is to ensure he can maximize the physical and emotional wellness of his clients while maximizing results.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Teddy


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Teddy ascribes to the notion that a person should not be at odds with their own body. With this view, fitness is the way of maintaining this harmony and is achievable by anyone. Throughout high school, through participation in football and alpine ski racing, Teddy focused his training on power, speed, and balance. While he still engages in strength and plyometric exercises, he has come to emphasize the need for flexibility and cardiorespiratory efficiency, now incorporating running, biking, and yoga into his fitness regimen. Teddy hopes his well-rounded approach can translate to his clients so that whatever their fitness goals, he can offer his skills and help achieve them.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Thomas


Fitness Certification & Training: ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Thomas’ passion for fitness sparked during his sophomore year of high school. He previously sustained injuries while playing soccer that had left him at odds with where he wanted to be, both physically and mentally. He decided to incorporate a weightlifting program that focused on targeting his weak points as an athlete as well as reinforcing his strengths. Being a dedicated member and employee of a local gym, Thomas found himself surrounded by like-minded peers who shared the same drive and motivation to succeed in their fitness endeavors, which lit a spark within him to transition into bodybuilding and nutrition. With several years of fitness experience under his belt, Thomas now hopes to share his enthusiasm and work toward a healthier and happier future with his clients by integrating a rich and comprehensive workout plan that allows for a highly individualized experience. He believes that from hard work comes results, and that our only limitations to success are those we set in our minds.

BC Rec Personal Trainer - Quinn


Fitness Certification & Training: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Personal Wellness: Quinn has a background in athletics, having played football, basketball, soccer, and tennis in high school. His philosophy as a trainer revolves around a desire to help his clients become the best they can, while approaching their goals in a structured and positive way. He emphasizes strength training and overall fitness through a mix of classic resistance training and cardiovascular endurance training. He believes that it is important to not only train the body, but also the mind and emphasizes the mind muscle connection in his training.