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BC Iron Eagle


2014 Iron Eagle Results

Bib # Time
1 10:58:55
3 11:11:18
4 10:05:54
5 10:28:19
6 9:18:16
7 12:01:15
8 12:01:08
9 9:35:38
11 12:49:50
12 10:47:30
15 11:00:50
16 7:23
17 7:29:38
18 9:39:58
19 9:45:50
20 9:46:04
21 9:37:00
22 9:31:02
23 10:08:45
24 9:48:00
25 9:45:58
28 9:47:00
29 10:08:19
30 6:58:19

Bib # Time
31 9:46:18
32 10:58:00
33 10:37:30
34 10:51:01
36 9:45:06
41 9:59:50
43 10:13:00
45 11:41:00
46 9:59:59
53 12:31:50
61 12:46:01
62 11:40:01
63 11:32:00
64 7:34:00
65 10:56:07
65 11:40:00
66 11:17:50
68 10:15:01
69 14:48:17
70 12:04:17
71 13:17:59

The BC Iron Eagle event is a strength and endurance competition open to students, faculty and staff to see who is the fittest Eagle on campus. The course is designed to be challenging but fun! Anyone who currently exercises will be able to complete the race in about 30 minutes. Details about the race course and obstacles will be outlined below.


Event Details

Time: TBA

Cost: $25 (or $20 + pair of running shoes donated to Soles4Souls, see below under How to Register)

Location: Brighton Campus Lake Street Fields

Divisions: Male and Female (weight classes will be discreetly used during the strength and endurance medley)

Eligibility: Boston College students, faculty, and staff only


How to Register

To register, stop by Member Services in the Flynn Recreation Complex by Wednesday, March 26. Registration must be done in person so the participant can fill out the necessary paperwork. The race fee is due at the same time. In order to get the reduced entry fee, the shoes for Soles4Souls must be donated at Member Services upon registration. Refunds will not be given at a later date for donated shoes after registration.

At registration you can list names of people who you would prefer to compete in the same heat with, but please be advised that all requests may not be able to be met. Heats run every 10 minutes in groups of 10 competitors. You should receive an email on Thursday, March 27 with your heat time.


Competition Outline

Competitors will be in groups of ten for each heat. Each heat will consist of five males and five females.

Triple Strength Threat: the event begins with a strength medley of sled pulls, farmer’s walks, and overhead sandbag carry. If the competitor has a shoulder injury or other limitation which prevents overhead carry, then a modified bicep carry can be used with a 10-second penalty. The weights of the medley exercises will differ depending on the weight and gender of the participant.

Mud Pit Army Crawl: the cardiovascular endurance phase begins as competitors get down and dirty crawling through a shallow mud pit.

Flutie’s Pass: after a brief jog to the station, competitors throw footballs at the goal. If the goal is made then the competitor can move on, otherwise 20 penalty burpees are completed.

Hurdle Forward: competitors move through a low hurdle station made of ropes.

Run Zone: competitors run through mixed terrain (or walk and jog if needed) until the next station is reached.

Dry Army Crawl: run zone is interrupted with a dry army crawl obstacle.

Final Sprint: competitors finish strong until the finish line is reached!



All participants will receive an Iron Eagle Competitor t-shirt.

The winner of the student division (male student, female student) will receive a $100 Under Armour gift card, Under Armour backpack, Iron Eagle trophy, IM championship mug, and bragging rights as the MOST FIT STUDENT ON CAMPUS! 

The winner of the faculty/staff division (male faculty/staff, female faculty/staff) will receive a $100 Under Armour gift card, Iron Eagle trophy, and bragging rights as the MOST FIT STAFF ON CAMPUS!


Rules and Recommendations

Please review the Rules and Regulations prior to the event. There are also some great tips for race-day comfort.


More Information
For more information, please contact To register, please stop by Member Services.


We would like to thank our event sponsor, LifeFitness, for its generosity and continued support of Boston College Campus Recreation.