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Beginner Salsa

This class teaches the basic salsa moves. Whether you are looking to learn to dance for fun, relieve stress, exercise, or pick up on the latest moves, this class is perfect for you. Social interaction is promoted but no dancing partner is required.  All classes take place in Multi-Purpose Room A/B/C.

In this course, we will start with solo work, including cumbia, basic steps, side steps, suzy q's, right turns, left turns, and combinations, then work on proper leading and following technique, and progress into routines that involve techniques of higher difficulty, including spins, cross-body leads, and other changing formations.

Intermediate Salsa

Now that you have learned the basic salsa moves, it is time to kick it up a notch! You are ready to start dancing more complicated salsa moves without sacrificing your flavor and timing. Social interaction is encouraged but a dancing partner is still not required. All classes take place in Multi-Purpose Room A/B/C.

This course focuses on more advanced combinations, including: checks, pizza turns, 180s, 360s, and copas. The instructors will do thier best to work with the current ability level of the participants and customize the dances you will learn to meet your existing skills.


About the Instructors

Jose Altomari dances with the Boston College Fuego Del Corazon Latin Dance Team, winning first place at the 2014 BC Annual Showdown

Yolanda Bustillo dances on the Vida de Intensa PasiĆ³n (VIP), one of the newest Latin dance teams at Boston College.



To register online, click the link above or contact Member Services at or 617-552-0797 for additional information.