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Q. How much does participating in Intramurals cost?

A. There is no additional out of pocket cost. It is covered in the student activities fee included in undergraduate tuition. Intramurals are free to those with Campus Recreation Memberships, however you must have a Campus Recreation Membership in order to participate.

Q. When does each league start?

A. Please find all registration dates on the Boston College Intramural Registration webpage /content/bc/offices/rec/intramurals.html. Dates are subject to change.  You can view the most up-to-date information on IMLeagues.


Q. Can I play on 2 different teams?

A. Not in the same sport – unless one of the teams is a Coed team. Participants may only be on 1 roster for a given sport during a season (you are more than welcome to play multiple sports at the same time).


Q. Can female participants play on men’s teams?

A. Yes.  However, you will not be able to play on a female team in that sport.


Q. How many teams make the playoffs?

A. As many as possible.  We aim to get every team into playoffs but this will vary season to season based on facility space. Captains will be notified the number of teams who will qualify for the playoffs as early as possible.


Q. When do playoffs start?

A. Playoffs will start on soon as possible following the last regular season game.  Teams will be notified of the playoff schedule via email 48 hours prior to the first playoff game.


Q. How can I become an official?

A. Just stop by the intramural office or go online and complete an application and resume.  You can email these to or bring them by the intramural office.  The intramural official position is a popular job, we staff about 75 Boston College students. The majority of our hiring is completed prior to the start of each semester, but we always take applications.

A resume and brief cover letter are required in addition to the application.  We are happy to answer questions prior to you applying, stop by we are friendly!  Good luck and if you apply bring an outgoing, positive attitude!


Q. Where/how do I register?

A. To participate in intramurals, you must register for an account using our Online Portal. Once you've successfully created an account, you can register a team online during the specified registration period.  More importantly, it will allow us to communicate to each student about deadlines, registrations, and special events.


Q. What if I don’t have a team to register?

A. You can register as a ‘free agent’ on the IMLeague website.  While teams may only register during a specific time, free agents can register throughout the season.  You will be allowed to view registered teams and see if they are looking for players and ask to join.  There is no guarantee for being picked up as a free agent and we do not force free agent signings.


Q. Most of my team has other obligations during our game, can we add another player?

A. You can add players to your roster throughout the regular season so long as they are eligible, have an IMLeague account, and it is done at least the day before your next scheduled game.  If it is within 24 hours of the game roster edits can only be done by visiting the intramural office during operating hours. 


Q. What is the male/female ratio for Co-ed sports?

A. That varies based on sport.  Please see each individual sport rules for specifics.  Only leagues/tournaments labeled as ‘coed’ require a certain number of female players.


Q. Where can I store my hockey bag?

A. We do not have additional storage for hockey bags.  They must be kept in the residence halls.  Please consult with your RA or RD prior to bringing in your equipment. 


Q. What is the time commitment for Intramurals?

A. Each team will typically be scheduled one game per week, though playoff games will occur more frequently.


Q. How much practice time does each team get?

A. None.  All available facility space allotted to the Intramural Office is used for game play.