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2013 - 2014 Intramural Champions

Phase I

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Blobo

Men’s Competitive Flag Football: Circus Clowns

Men’s Intermediate Flag Football: Stuff Dat Pass

Co-Rec Flag Football: Look at These Tight Ends

Freshman Soccer: Fitz FC

Men’s Outdoor Soccer: Legal Custodians

Women’s Outdoor Soccer: We Want the Mug

Men’s Competitive Softball: Pandamonium

Co-Rec Softball: Team DIFTS

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mug City

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Latino Spice


Phase II

Men’s Competitive Basketball: 2045

Men’s Intermediate Basketball: Damian & Company

Men’s Recreational Basketball: Stand Up

Women’s Basketball: Way Too Competitive

Competitive Ice Hockey: 24 Hours of Sauce

Intermediate Ice Hockey: Lawyers, Guns, & Money



Phase III

Men’s Competitive Basketball: 2045

Men’s Intermediate Basketball: All American Boys

Men’s Recreational Basketball: White Lightning

Women’s Basketball: Slam Dunkers

Co-Rec Basketball: King James

Men’s Competitive Indoor Soccer: Gentlemen’s FC

Men’s Intermediate Indoor Soccer: Fitz FC

Women’s Indoor Soccer: We Take Shots


Phase IV

Co-Rec Dodgeball: Prestige Worldwide

Men’s Dodgeball: Legal Custodians

Co-Rec Flag Football: Mighty Melonheads

Men’s Competitive Flag Football: Bunning Wall

Co-Rec Softball: No Glove, No Love

Men’s Competitive Softball: Yung Go Hards

Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee: Cool Things Council

Men’s Wiffleball: Ken Whiffey Jrs.

Co-Rec Wiffleball: Balls n’ Dolls

Co-Rec Competitive Volleyball: Mama Don’t Cry for My Swag

Co-Rec Recreational Volleyball: Suffern Seniors

Women’s Volleyball: Dat Pass Tho