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BC Club Sports Relay For Life


Club Sports Leadership Dinner

Many thanks to all who helped make the 2013 Club Sports Leadership Dinner a success! To learn more about the event, see this fantastic story in the Heights.

A excerpt from a thank you letter written by the Club Sports Council Executive Board to those in attendance at the event:

You were nominated to attend this event based on the qualities you have exhibited as a member of your Club Sports team. The Club Sports Council Executive Board would like to commend you on your leadership thus far and thank you for attending. We hope that the evening will help you to understand and to further develop leadership skills that you can apply not only to your team, but also to your future as a professional.

The Club Sports alumni in attendance were chosen because they exemplified these same qualities during their time at Boston College and have continued to apply these valuable leadership skills in their lives after graduation. We hope their reflections on their Club Sports experience will be a source of insight as you continue to mature as an athlete and a leader. In addition to these guests of honor, this program should serve as a resource for you as well. We have enclosed several detailed examples of current Club Sports officer structures to aid in the administration of your team.

Part of our mission, as The Club Sports Council Executive Board, is to help foster the growth and development of all club programs and club team members. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and continue to better yourself as a leader, a teammate, and a future professional.


February 2013 Club Sports Newsletter

The new Club Sports Council Newsletter is out now. Lots of great updates and stories from our various club teams. Keep up the good work!


Relay For Life

The Club Sports Program represents over 900 students on BC's campus. In addition to our mission to provide athletic opportunities to students seeking a high level of competition, Club Sports is committed to sponsoring programs that promote excellence, good sportsmanship and leadership. The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life is an event that Club Sports has participated in for the past three years. It is our hope that by uniting members of our 21 sports programs we can achieve great things.

Last year, the Club Sports Relay for Life team raised thousands of dollars for cancer research and was among the largest teams to participate in the event. It is our hope that we can exceed last year's numbers and raise over $5000 while standing as the largest single team in the event.

We encourage any and all of you to join us in this fight against cancer. Sign up your teammates, friends, and family (they do not need to play a sport or even go to BC to participate) or make a donation to our team and help us make a difference.

Cancer affects us all. Please join our team or make a donation. The impact we can make together is much greater than what any of us could do alone!