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Men's Locker Room Reopening


The men's locker room will reopen Thursday, August 21 at 6 am! If you have trouble accessing your locker or need any assistance, please just stop by the Member Services office or call 617-552-0797.


Men's Locker Room Renovation Project


Dear Male Members,

It is your turn! Now that the fans have been installed and the toilets fixed, it is time to work on your lockers.

We will begin the men's locker room project on August 9 and work is expected to be completed by August 24. During that time, the entire locker room will be closed. The following work will be done: 

  • Removing rust stains in lockers
  • Fixing the bottom of broken lockers
  • Painting all lockers
  • Painting walls
  • Replace broken hooks

All half-size lockers must be emptied by August 6. New half-size lockers will go on sale August 25 for the fall semester.

All full-size lockers must also be emptied by August 6, however you will keep your same full-size locker and we will just hold on to the lock for you. When you empty your locker, please bring the lock to Member Services and make sure to let them know it is a full-size locker so they can make sure the number is on the lock.  At the completion of this project, we will put the lock back on for you.  

For those of you with a full-size locker, we do have some additional lockers available if you would like to move to another location, perhaps under a fan?

We have made arrangements for two locker rooms over in Conte Forum for you to use during this time period. When you turn in your lock, please ask the student in Member Services for the directions and the combination to these locker rooms. Unfortunately, you will not be able to keep things in the lockers overnight.

There will be signs posted, but if you would prefer to have someone walk over with you the first time to show you where the rooms are located, please just let me know and I will be happy to set this up for you.

We will also convert one of the rooms along the pool deck into a Men's only shower. This is a room with just one shower, so there could be a wait, but you are more then welcome to use this option.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Sandy Corsi
Manager, Member Sales & Services
Flynn Recreation Complex


Women's Locker Room Reopening


Hello members,

We are pleased to announce we will have a partial opening of the women’s locker room Monday 6/16 at 6am.  Female members will be able to access lockers and showers. The restroom area will be closed, but restrooms on the track and outdoor basketball courts will be available for use.  We will have temporary mirrors in place, since mirrors/lighting in the vanity areas are not complete. Those with locker rentals can move all their items back into their lockers.  Please see Member Services if you need assistance accessing your locker.  We will wait until the week of 6/23 to start women’s summer locker sales. 


We will shut down the entire locker room area Friday 6/20 at 9:30am to finish the work into the weekend.  We plan to have a partial opening again Monday 6/23 from 6am-9:30am.  Barring any unforeseen issues, the locker room will be closed Monday at 9:30am for final restroom inspection and reopening late in the day Monday.  I will have an update later next week on final work/inspection. 

To summarize:

1)      Monday 6/16 6am partial women’s locker room reopens (no restrooms)

2)      Friday 6/20 9:30am entire women’s locker room closes thru the weekend

3)      Monday 6/23 6am-9:30am partial women’s locker room reopens (no restrooms)

4)      Monday 6/23 9:30am until TBD women locker room closure for final toilet inspection

Thanks again for your patience and support! 

Caitriona Taylor
Director, Campus Recreation


Construction Updates


Hello Members,

First of all, THANK YOU for your patience during this locker project.  We have asked a lot and appreciate your support. 

Unfortunately, the project had some delays as the construction company started demo and encountered issues.  The main set back is the toilet area, although there are some minor items they are still waiting for delivery.  We are working with the construction company to have a partial opening of the main locker room (lockers and showers, but no toilets) for early next week.  I am pushing for an exact day and time, and should have that tomorrow and will share with you.

Some highlights of the project include:

  • Adding two extra toilets, to bring total count up to 4
  • Removing rust stains in lockers
  • Fixing the bottom of broken lockers
  • Painting all lockers
  • Painting walls
  • Adding ceiling fans
  • Replacing ceiling tiles
  • Adding vanity and mirror stations

For our male members, you will see an improved layout of the men’s toilet area, which will increase the space between sinks and fixtures.  We are waiting on delivery and install of new partitions.  Also, we will be adding ceiling fans.  We are working on assessing other improvements in the men’s locker room, and will communicate those updates when the plan is finalized.

Please contact me if you have any other questions or concerns.

We are just as anxious to have you back as soon as possible!

Thank you,

Caitriona Taylor
Director, Campus Recreation


Construction Updates


Hello Members,

We had a successful week of construction and cleaning at the Flynn Recreation Complex.  We will be opening at 6am Tuesday May 27th, 2014, although some areas of the building will still be closed due to the ongoing work.  There will be painting going on throughout the building.  The air conditioned cardio room in MPR C is now open, if you would prefer to work out in that space during this time. 

·         Track and Tennis wing will be closed until Monday June 2nd 6am for further painting/drying.  There will be no access to tennis courts and bathrooms until June 2nd

·         All the tennis courts are closed (indoor and outdoor) until Monday June 2nd (indoor) and Monday June 9th (outdoor).

·         Men’s and Women’s Temporary Restrooms will be located on the outdoor basketball court with sinks/mirrors, due to the locker room and track work.  The sinks/mirrors in the men’s locker room will still be available, but not the toilets.  Also, there will be two portable restrooms on the pool patio for swimmers.  Both these temporary facilities will be here for up to two weeks.

·         For the temp women’s locker room, please see member services for directions to facilities in Conte.  We recommend locker room C, but A and B will have lockers you can lock.  These locker rooms will have clean towels and a dirty towel return bin, along with hair dryers, for your convenience.  You can access these locker rooms 15mins prior to our opening and up to 30mins after we close, both during the week and weekend.

·         Pool access for female swimmers will be via the pool mezzanine viewing.  Please follow the signs or ask staff for directions.  There are two showers/changing rooms available on deck, along with lockable day lockers.  Check out a lock at the equipment desk.

·         Racquetball/Squash Courts will be closed until 6am Monday June 2nd.

If you have any questions, please contact our Membership Director Sandy Corsi at 617-552-3036 or  Thank you for your continued support!

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Caitriona Taylor

Director, Campus Recreation



Construction Closure


Hello Members,

Thank you for another great year at Campus Recreation – we really appreciate your energy and support every day!

I would like to update you on this summer’s construction projects and corresponding closures.  Campus Recreation is extending the normal 2 day closure to 5 days the week of commencement.  With work in many areas, full-building closure is required.  The Flynn Recreation Complex will close at 5:45pm on Sunday May 18th and will reopen after Memorial Day at 6am Tuesday May 27th

The Quonset Hut, our satellite facility on the Newton Campus, will be open May 20 - 23 to accommodate members who would like to work out. The facility features cardio and strength equipment, a basketball court, ping pong tables, and locker rooms with showers. During this time, we will also offer a Wednesday morning spin class and have free towel service available for anyone who would like to shower at the Hut.

Construction projects include:    

  1. Indoor track repair and repainting. Work will start May 13th with a partial closure (straightaway by bathroom/water fountain) May 13th-May 18th.  Painting of the full track will take place May 20th-23rd, with 3 day required drying time over the Memorial Day weekend.
  2. Work on both the men’s and women’s locker room will start May 20th.  Demo work in the locker rooms will take place May 20th-23rd.  The women’s locker room will reopen June 14th.  The men’s locker room will reopen Tuesday May 27th, but may be closed for periods up until June 14th (we will give 48 hour notice of closure).  See below for information on alternatives for shower/lockers during closure.   
  3. Squash and Racquetball work will commence week of May 20th with an anticipated reopen date of June 2nd.
  4. The outdoor courts will be resurfaced and closed for play May 27th thru June 8th

Lockers & Locker Room access:    

      Women, please completely clear out your lockers no later than Friday, May 16th.   If for any reason you are not able to do this, please contact Sandy Corsi at no later than Wednesday, May 14th.   When you are emptying your locker, please bring your lock to Member Services Office and we will make sure to save your lock so that when construction is complete you can have the same lock/combo.  Please make sure to let the staff in the office know that this is a full-size locker and you would like the lock saved.  We will have two showers/changing rooms available on the pool deck during the closure.  The priority for these showers will be swimmers, but they are free to use if open.

Directions to the temporary locker room (please schedule a time to walk over there prior to closure with Sandy Corsi if you need help finding the locker rooms):

  • Enter through Gate D (right behind the Doug Flutie statue).
  • Walk straight towards the end of the stadium and just past the Women’s Rest Rooms on your right, you will see double doors. 
  • Enter double doors
  • Locker Room A will be on your right.
  • When you hand in your lock to Member Services, you will be given the combo to the locker room. 
  • If you do not have a locker but need a shower, please see member services for combo.

Please note the lockers are open and do not have a lock on them.   We are happy to supply day locks to you at the Equipment Desk and will have several small lockable lockers in our building for your use to lock your valuables.

Thank you for your patience and continued support during this time.  Please contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

The Campus Recreation team is looking forward to another great summer with you at the Flynn Recreation Complex!

For updates on BC Rec facility closures, hours changes, facility updates and more, subscribe to our BC Rec listserv!

Yours in Health,

Caitriona Taylor

Director, Campus Recreation



Interim Group Fitness Schedule

An interim group fitness schedule is now in place through the end of May. We are also offering a few Seniors Only group fitness classes taught by members of the class of 2014 for their fellow graduating seniors. Those classes are highlighted in yellow.

BC Rec is Now Hiring
Looking for a job on campus? BC Rec is currently hiring a variety of positions for the summer and fall! Check the Student Employment page on our website for more information on open positions and how to apply. Email with any questions.

Massage Therapy
Campus Recreation is excited to announce that we are now offering Massage Therapy at the Plex! Our Massage Therapist is skilled in a variety of different techniques, allowing her to tailor the massage to your needs for optimal relaxation and restoration.

Easter Hours
& GF Schedule

The Plex will be open limited hours Wednesday, April 16 - 21 for Easter and Patriot's Day. Please check the Plex Hours page for details. An abbreviated Easter Week Group Fitness Schedule will also be in place. The Quonset Hut will be closed April 16 - 21.

Easter Outdoor Gear Rental Special
For one week only (April 15 - 22), pay the normal weekend rate for any of our gear and you'll get to keep it for a full week! Products include tents, sleeping bags, camping accessories, paddleboards, climbing shoes and more! Just stop by the Plex Member Services Office to check out gear Tuesday, April 15 from 1-4 pm and return it the following Tuesday, April 22, from 1-4 pm.

Massage Therapy
Campus Recreation is excited to announce that we are now offering Massage Therapy at the Plex! Our Massage Therapist is skilled in a variety of different techniques, allowing her to tailor the massage to your needs for optimal relaxation and restoration.

Masters Swim Prorated
Masters Swim prices have been prorated (i.e. cut in HALF) through the end of the semester, so register today! If you are interested in trying Master Swim please contact Leonardo Torres 617-552-6204 for details.

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