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Student Achievement Award Winners

The student achievement award is given to students each semester who provide excellent customer service, have a positive attitude and go above and beyond the call of duty to provide an excellent experience for our members!


Spring 2014 Winners

Jack Bulger - IM Official and Supervisor


Jack Bulger
IM Official & Supervisor

Nikki Elliot - Fitness Instructor


Nikki Elliot
Fitness Instructor

Jacci Cousins - Lifeguard and Swim Instructor


Jacci Cousins
Lifeguard & Swim Instructor

Kelly Farrell - Marketing Assistant


Kelly Farrell
Marketing Assistant

Patty Tueme - Control Desk


Patty Tueme
Control Desk

Adam Wetherbee - Supervisor


Adam Wetherbee

Fall 2014 Winners

Chris DeLorenzo, Control Desk

Annie O'Malley, Equipment Desk

Nici Perreault, Office Assistant

Griffin Sharp, IM Official & Supervisor

DJ Webster, Personal Trainer

TJ Zegarelli, Fitness Attendant


Student Achievement Award Nominations

If you have had a positive experience dealing with one of our student employees, please nominate them for a Student Achievement Award on our Comments/Suggestions page!


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Thank You to Our Sponsor

Special thanks to '47 Brand for their generous and continuing support of Campus Recreation and the Student Achievement Award.