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Undergraduate Research Symposium 2011

CHESTNUT HILL, MA (February 2011) -- Boston College's annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, sponsored by the University Fellowships Committee, was held Feb. 4, 2011 in Fulton Hall. Welcoming remarks were offered by Professor Donald L. Hafner, vice provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Associate Professor of Psychology Elizabeth Kensinger gave the keynote address.

The faculty members who served as panel chairs were: Professor of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures Margaret Thomas; Earth and Environmental Sciences Associate Professor Noah Snyder; Biology Professor Thomas Chiles; Lynch School of Education Associate Dean Elizabeth Sparks; Carroll School of Management Honors Program Chair Professor Stephanie Greene; Theater Associate Professor Crystal Tiala; Associate Professor of Political Science Jennie Purnell; Connell School of Nursing Associate Professor Judith Shindul-Rothschild; Connell School of Nursing Professor June Horowitz; Professor of Psychology Ramsay Liem; Professor of Slavic and Eastern Languages & Literatures Cynthia Simmons, and Hafner.

Following is a list of all the student participants in the symposium. View presentation descriptions in the Undergraduate Research Symposium program.

Tair Akhmejanov – Mathematics behind Cryptography: The Study of Cryptographic Algorithms

Kathryn Boyle – Nutritional Status of 3-5 Year Olds in Rural Jamaica

Okello Carter – New York's Best-Kept Secret: A Study of Sexual Identity and the Harlem Renaissance

Melanie Chang – Nursing Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes toward Working with the Elderly

Jacquelyn Clancy – Assessing Biophysical Risk for Breast Cancer

Beth Harvey – The Evolution of Spirituality Research Based on the Roy Adaptation Model

Melissa Zaniewski – Boston Nurses and the Halifax Disaster of 19171

Sebastian Agredo – The Mysticism of Meister Eckhart, The Preaching Friar

Adam Gross – Funerary Archaeology: The Importance of the Necropolis of Sanisera

Matthew Richey – The Greeks in Egypt: Cultural Contact in the Eastern Mediterranean

Brian Tracz – Perceptual Transformations: Rethinking Sensation in Perception and Knowledge

Tedd Wimperis –Ars Scribendi, Ars Edendi: Medieval Manuscripts and Medieval Textual Criticism

Corey Yarochowicz – Thirsting for Memory: Plato and Greek Spirituality

Shirley Chen – Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo: The Role of NGOs in Social and Political Change

Joseph Manning – Our Survival is Not Negotiable: The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Amanda Rothschild – Why the United Nations Genocide Convention has Failed

Michael Cuttler – Under the Sea: Learning New Ways of Studying What Lies Beneath

Keegan Dougherty – ¡Cochabamba! The Politics of Watershed Management in the Developing World

David Francazio – On the Track of Coyotes in the Narragansett Basin

Ian Roundtree – Development of Relevant Synthetic Methods for Reagents

Mary Byrnes – School Nurses and Primary Care Providers: Asthma Management in School-Aged Children

Adriana Henquen – The Politics of Early Education and Care in Massachusetts

Sofia Mohammed – The Desegregation of Boston Public Schools: The Role of Black Folk-

Alex Macheras – School District Budget-Building and Policy in a Massachusetts Town

Han Cho – Finding Movement and Rhythm: Collision of Ethnic Worlds in Dance

Benjamin Key – Motivations of Genre: Realism and Fantasy in Scottish Drama

Xinyu Pan – Beijing Immersion: Political Influences on Art in Contemporary China

Thomas Tarangioli – Music in Regensburg: Practice, Interpretation, and Performance

Thomas Carroll – Exploring the Foundations of Non-Profit Organizations

Andrea Dzwinyk — The Influence of Western States on Ukrainian Political Development

Karen Kovaka – The Science of Hunger: Development Agriculture in Magadi, India

Sophia Moradian – Economic Coping Mechanisms of Iraqi Female Headed Households in Jordan

Olena Savytska – Order of Business: The Development of Commercial Courts in Russia and Ukraine

Daniel Tonkovich – From Fur to Fortune 500: Economic Development in the Pacific Northwest

Abigail Letak – Catholic Adolescents’ Experience of Catholic Teachings and Modern Societal Values

Brandy Norton – Ethnic Identity and the First Year of College

Michael Manasia – Effects of Caffeine and Nighttime Technology Use on Sleep Quality in College Students

Disha Robinson – DANGER!: Educated Black Women

Katherine Koniares – Socioeconomic Status Disparities in Access to Pediatric Cochlear Implants

Isiuwa Jacqueline Mabatah – HIV/AIDS and Sexual Violence: Lessons from South Africa

Emily O’Brien – Poverty, Health, and Hope: Exploring Health Determinants in a Nicaraguan Clinic

Siobhan Tellez – A Study of Global Health: Clinical Work in Chorerras, Panama

Sagar Wadgaonkar & Benjamin Mayer – Faces of Disaster: A Documentary on the Haitian Earthquake

Ian Graham – The Web of American Democracy: The Role of Social Networking in National Politics

Christina-Minsun Kim – ”The Trial of All Crimes Shall Be By Jury”

David Loftus — A History of Dominance Threatened: The U.S. and Regional Security in the Persian Gulf

Taylor Norton – The Balancing Act: American Politicians and Their Constituents

Kasey Brown – Ballytobin: Art as Empowerment for People with Special Needs

Kate Donohue – Going Beyond Welfare: Walking a Mile in the Shoes of Others

Elizabeth Fair – Autism Spectrum Disorder Intervention

Christy Tran – Effects of the Mother-Infant Interaction on Infant Brain Development

Anne Spencer – The Role of Social Relationships in Pulling Homeless Women Out of Poverty

Darcy Corcoran – Quisnam sum ego: An Adoptee's Decision to Search for Biological Parents

Michael Slovak – Intensive Theological Immersion in Rome for Intellectual and Spiritual Development

Catalina Tang – Longing to Belong: Bicultural Ethnic Identity Construction in Chinese Young Adults in Colombia

Rebecca Edwalds – The Faces of Arabic: Development of Dialects

Ryan Folio – Syrian Newspapers in an Era of Economic Reform

Sarah Onori – Tradizionale o Moderno: Italian Women and Their Cooking

Jacob Throwe – In Pursuit of “Di-dao” Beijing