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It’s Time To Hold Education Testing Industry Accountable, Says Author of New Book on High-Stakes Exams





"As a nation, we spend more than $1 billion a year on federally mandated educational tests that 30 million students must take each year. The country spends an additional $1.2 billion on test preparation materials designed to help students pass these tests. While test mandates were put in place with good intentions, increasingly educational leaders and policy makers are questioning these test-based reform efforts. Some question whether these programs are doing more harm than good.  Others call for the development of more and better tests.


"Given the vast amount of resources our nation pours into testing, is it time we pay closer attention to these testing programs? Is it time we hold the testing industry and policy makers accountable for the tests they make and use?  Is it time we invest resources to develop new ways of testing our students?"


George Madaus is the Boisi Professor in Education (Emeritus) at Boston College's Lynch School of Education. He is co-author of the recently-published book The Paradoxes of High Stakes Testing: How They Affect Students, Their Parents, Teachers, Principals, Schools, and Society. Prof. Madaus is affiliated with the Lynch School’s nationally-renown Center for the Study of Testing, Evaluation and Education Policy.


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Reid Oslin

Boston College Public Affairs