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Boston College Expert: Pope Francis in US

Stephen Pope

Professor of Theology

(617) 552-3892 (o); 
617-763-5868 (cell);

Stephen Pope is an expert on Roman Catholic social teaching. His areas of interest include Catholic ethics and social thought; forgiveness and reconciliation; evolution and ethics; science and theology; moral theology and social ethics; preferential option for the poor; marriage and family; social and economic justice; the Church and politics; human rights; war and peace. Pope has published numerous articles and is the author or editor of several books, including A Step Along the Way: Models of Christian ServiceThe Evolution of Altruism and the Ordering of LoveCommon Calling: The Laity and the Governance of the Church, and Human Evolution and Christian Ethics. He is currently working on Your Neighbor as Yourself: Relating Charity and Justice in Christian Ethics and Religion, Justice, and Reconciliation: The Struggle for Peace with Justice.






“Pope Francis spoke to Congress with the Christian message of compassion, social justice, and solidarity. He showed how the best values of American culture resonate with the Gospel and also carry implications for how we think today about those trapped in poverty, immigrants, the death penalty, and the health of the earth, ‘our common home.’”



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