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Boston College Experts: Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton

David Hopkins

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Hopkins’ research and teaching interests include American political parties and elections, the U.S. Congress, voting behavior, public opinion, and research methods. He is co-author of Presidential Elections: Strategies and Structures of American Politics. His current research includes two book projects: one investigating the causes and consequences of increasing geographic polarization in American elections, and a second (in collaboration with Matt Grossmann of Michigan State University) exploring the ways in which the two American parties demonstrate importance differences in their organization, behavior, and sources of popular support. Hopkins has shared his insight with local television affiliates, the Washington PostNPR, and the Christian Science Monitor, and his research has been cited in the Washington Post, Chicago TribuneSlate, Salon, VoxCommentary, and New York magazine.



"Hillary Clinton had a strong debate and is likely to have reassured nervous Democrats that she can effectively answer attacks and mobilize party support. Bernie Sanders is an effective spokesman for his positions and will be viewed positively as well, but he is less comfortable discussing non-economic issues and his chances to actually win the nomination remain very small. Because the other three candidates have not seemed to stand out, they also remain little threat to Hillary Clinton’s status as the overwhelming favorite."



Kay Schlozman

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Kay Lehman Schlozman is the Moakley Professor of Political Science whose principal research focus is citizen participation in American politics. She also has expertise in broad areas of American political life; parties and elections, interest groups, voting and public opinion, political movements, money in politics, and the gender gap in citizen political activity. Professor Schlozman is the co-author of five books, including The Unheavenly Chorus: Unequal Political Voice and The Broken Promise of American Democracy. She is also the editor of Elections in America and was the chair of the American Political Science Association's section on Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior.



Boston College Professor Kay Schlozman is a former Wellesley College classmate of Hillary Clinton.

“I knew Hillary Clinton when she was Hillary Rodham and we were both undergraduates in college. In fact, we gave a political science paper together as undergraduates. Hillary Clinton is really smart and she’s a good student, and she never fails to learn lessons. I think she did not put on the most effective campaign the last time around and she learned some things. She will have learned from the mistakes of that campaign.

Hillary Clinton has quite a bit of background for running for the presidency. She has served the White House up close and personal. She was an advisory to her husband in an informal way, she’s been in the Senate, and then she was Secretary of State. She’s seen government from a variety of points of view and has some real experience. That said, that experience comes with history, history that Americans remember. With the Clintons, you get effectiveness, excitement, and sometimes you get drama." 





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