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Boston College Expert: Pope Francis in America

Robert Bloom



Tiziana Dearing is an associate professor whose research and teaching interests include poverty and inequity, especially in urban environments, and social justice in public policy. She comes to the School of Social Work from the world of practice, where she led a number of anti-poverty organizations, including Boston Rising, a start-up anti-poverty fund, and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston, where she was the first woman president. She blogs regularly forThe Huffington Post and WBUR’s (NPR Affiliate) Cognoscenti and provides frequent media commentary to both local and national outlets on topics such as nonprofits, philanthropy, and social justice.



“The Pope's address today can be summarized by a single line in his speech, ‘Let us seek for others the same possibilities which we seek for ourselves.’  In this simple invocation of the Golden Rule, the Pope captured his message of love, solidarity and responsibility to each other.  He reminded us of our common aspirations as humans, rich or poor, free or oppressed, secure or refugee.  

“The Pope's address to Congress today was as remarkable as the event itself.  Striking a set of strong pastoral themes, the Pope managed to exhort people to the best of what humanity can be while providing guidance on a series of critical public policy issues in the United States without necessarily addressing them directly.  The Pope touched on polarization, campaign finance, U.S. immigration policy, the naval-gazing of Washington, all without calling any of them out directly.  He also took some global issues head on - especially the death penalty, the arms trade, marginalized youth, and the refugee crisis in the Middle East.

“This Pope has been about love and solidarity from the beginning, and today's address was no different. His invocation of a spirit of "dialogue" confronted the nature of our public policy debates, and he invited all Americans to work together.  It was a blueprint for how to build our human future, and leaders through America would do well to listen.”


Boston College School of Social Work Associate Professor Tiziana Dearing was interviewed by NECN about Pope Francis.



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