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Office of News & Public Affairs

BC Expert: Impact of Hack on Sony Image

Adam Brasel

Associate Professor of Marketing S. Adam Brasel

617-552-1952 (office)

S. Adam Brasel specializes in visual marketing and media perception, with research in areas such as media multi-tasking, branding, consumer interfaces, and visual presentation in marketing. As co-director of the Marketing Interfaces Lab, he uses eye trackers and other advanced tools to explore how the rapidly changing media environment affects consumer perception and visual processing. His research explores issues ranging from how consumers media-multitask between computers and televisions, to how touch interfaces change online shopping experiences, to the effects of brand placement in videogames. His research has appeared in venues such as the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Psychology, The Economist, and Perception. His analysis has appeared in the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, and Fortune Magazine.




“I don't think it will have much long term negative effect on the brand, at least in the eyes of the consumer. Movies, television, and the news have predisposed us to think of entertainment executives as nefarious characters to begin with, so harsh-sounding personal e-mails aren't remotely out of character with what we expect. I think most of the negative reaction is going to be from the business sector, as many of these e-mails make Sony look confused and rife with internal strife, and from their talent relations.”




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