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Office of News & Public Affairs

BC Expert: Data Breach

Sam Rabsbotham

Sam Ransbotham
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Carroll School of Management
Boston College;
(678) 772-9418 (c) 

Ransbotham’s research interests include information technology security, social media, and the strategic use of IT. Prior to his joining the faculty at Boston College, Ransbotham was founder and principal of a successful software company with a globally diverse client base. He was awarded one of 11 inaugural Google and WPP Marketing Awards to support research into how online media influences consumer behavior, attitudes, and decision making. Ransbotham also was awarded a National Science Foundation Career award.



"Perfect security is a pipe dream.  As long as there is value in data, breaches will continue. However, we can take steps to reduce the value to attackers, reducing the incentives.  

Currently data has value to us individually as part of our personal privacy and as part of our financial identity.  Attackers, with notable exceptions, are far less interested in personal privacy than financial identity-- financial identity has better return on investment for attackers. We need to work towards removing our reliance on secrecy and obscurity for financial identity. We repeatedly demonstrate our inability to keep this information secret or obscure.  Systems that did not depend on secrecy would reduce (but not eliminate) the ROI for attackers and the collateral damage to privacy."




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