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Welcome, Class of 2018


Admission letters are on their way! #WeAreBC Week is a chance to celebrate your acceptance with new classmates and the global Boston College community. Throughout this week, we will be sharing the stories of admitted students as acceptance letters make their way around the world. Current students, alumni, faculty and staff will have the chance to welcome you to one of the greatest communities in higher education.

Excited to be an Eagle? Show it by changing your profile picture for the week! Use this image to identify yourself as a member of the Class of 2018.

Current students, alumni and the larger BC community can use this image to show their own pride and welcome the incoming class.

Next, share your “Admitted Eagle Moment.” Take a photo or video opening your acceptance letter or decked out in maroon and gold. Camera shy? We still want to hear from you. Tweet your reaction. Use the hashtag #BC2018. We'll be curating the Class of 2018 stories below. Participants can also email contributions to

 The very best posts will be rewarded with Boston College merchandise. 

Other #WeAreBC Week updates will be posted on the official Boston College social media channels, so be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

A few links you may find helpful: join other admitted students on the Official Class of 2018 Boston College Facebook Group; register for Admitted Eagle Day session or learn about Orientation and First Year Experience. If you are looking for your application status, visit the Admission website (all Admission letters will be mailed by April 1.)