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John Sallis
An artist's reflection

In Klee's Mirror, Frederick J. Adelmann, S.J., Professor of Philosophy John Sallis presents artist Paul Klee's work as capable of reflecting not only surface appearance, but also hidden depth. BC Bookmarks

Tiziana Dearing
Pope Francis and the poor

School of Social Work Associate Professor Tiziana Dearing discussed Pope Francis' efforts to respond to environmental concerns and global poverty. NECN 'Broadside'

Hosffman Ospino
A blessing to the Church

The growing presence of Hispanics is a blessing to the U.S. Church, said School of Theology and Ministry Assistant Professor Hosffman Ospino, speaking at a national symposium at which he discussed the findings of a major BC study of Catholic parishes with Hispanic ministry. Catholic News Service

Richard Cobb-Stevens
Tribute in philosophy

The work of Professor of Philosophy Emeritus Richard Cobb-Stevens has served as a model for generations of philosophers. Now, several leading experts in the field from BC, North America and Europe have contributed to a new volume in tribute. BC Bookmarks

David Blustein
The future of work

As tech advances and other factors transform the U.S. job market, what's the impact on workers? Lynch School of Education Professor David Blustein discusses the toll of job displacement on health and well-being. KPCC 'Air Talk' (begins at 15:00).

Sam Ransbotham
Data-driven health care

Carroll School of Management Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham writes on 'the new data republic' and the transition to data-driven health care for Sloan Management Review.

G. Michael Barnett
Creative lessons in China

In what is believed to be one of the first partnerships of its kind, Chinese officials have enlisted Lynch School of Education Professor Mike Barnett to inject creativity into the country's curricula. Boston Globe | He discussed the effort with the American Chinese Network Sinovision.

Jonathan Charlton
Alumnus covers Pluto flyby

Jonathan Charlton '15, an editorial intern at, was part of the team covering the NASA New Horizons spacecraft's flyby of Pluto. 

Richard McGowan, SJ
The casino dispute

Carroll School of Management Associate Professor of the Practice of Finance Richard McGowan, S.J., was among experts interviewed for a spotlight on the City of Boston's lawsuit over the Wynn Resorts casino proposed for nearby Everett. WBUR News

Peter KrauseCraig Noyes
When terrorism works

Claims that terrorism does or does not work may make for pithy headlines, but they obscure a far more nuanced reality--one that must be taken seriously if terrorism is to be understood and prevented, write Assistant Professor of Political Science Peter Krause and Craig Noyes '08, M.A. '13. National Interest

James O'Toole
A vigil continues

A parishioner vigil to keep a Scituate church from closing may be the longest of its kind; Clough Millennium Professor of History James O'Toole comments on the 11-year effort. New York Times

New view of aging

School of Social Work alumna Patricia Yu, a policy analyst for the 2015 White House Conference on Aging, sees 'a paradigm shift' in the national view of aging

Peter IrelandRobert Murphy
Avoiding a 'Grexit'

Greece and its creditors have reached a bailout agreement to keep the nation in the European Union, but the country still faces an uncertain future. Economics Department Murray and Monti Professor Peter Ireland and Associate Professor Robert Murphy continued to provide commentary for ABC News; they had previously weighed in on the likelihood of a deal: ABC News

Branden Brooks
Note of encouragement

Branden 'Skip' Brooks J.D. '08 was an eighth-grader with a stutter when he met then-Delaware senator Joe Biden during a 1994 class trip to Washington, D.C. A few days later, Brooks received an inspiring note from the future vice president that recently gained international attention. Slate, NBC Today, Time, U.K. Daily Mail

Jeffrey PontiffSam Ransbotham
NYSE trading halt

Carroll School of Management Cleary Professor of Finance Jeffrey Pontiff and Associate Professor of Information Systems Sam Ransbotham spoke to ABC News respectively on the impact and possible causes of the unprecented NYSE trading halt.

Richard McGowan, SJ
Casino promises and pitfalls

Massachusetts' first casino had a promising opening in terms of revenue, but there are still pitfalls the state must consider, Carroll School of Management Associate Professor Richard McGowan, S.J., said in interviews on NECN 'Broadside' and WRKO Financial Exchange.

Alicia Munnell
Rescue retirement finances

Many people can make adjustments to improve their retirement security, and they can start right now, writes Carroll School of Management Drucker Professor Alicia Munnell, director of the Center for Retirement Research. Boston Globe Magazine

Casey Beaumier, SJ
The road taken

In A Purposeful Path: How Far Can You Go with $30, a Bus Ticket, and a Dream?, Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies Director Casey Beaumier, S.J., recalls the pilgrimage that helped him discern his life's direction. BC Bookmarks

R. Michael Cassidy
Use of lethal force

When encounters with police prove fatal, who should determine whether the use of lethal force was justified? Law School Professor R. Michael Cassidy discussed the subject on WBUR 'Radio Boston' (segment begins at 7:25).

Ernest Moniz and John Kerry
U.S. Cabinet, alumni team

A friendly and professional bond has formed between two U.S. Cabinet officials with leading roles in the challenging Iran arms talks: Secretary of State John Kerry J.D. '76 and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz '66. Boston Globe

Ralf Gawlick
MCC Artist Fellow

For the second time in six years, Associate Professor of Music Ralf Yusuf Gawlick has been named an Artist Fellow in Music Composition by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Christina Richie
Action for common good

Theology Department doctoral candidate Cristina Richie, a 2012 alumna of the School of Theology and Ministry, focuses on the call for participatory action for the common good in an essay on Pope Francis' encyclical. Political Theology Today

Robert Murphy
Crisis in Greece

BC economists Robert Murphy and Scott Fulford weigh in on the escalating fiscal crisis in Greece, Murphy on WGBH News 'Morning Edition' and in the Boston Herald; Fulford on WRKO Financial Exchange

Peter Ireland
Crisis in Greece

What will be the impact of the escalating fiscal crisis in Greece? Murray and Monti Professor of Economics Peter Ireland comments: Washington Post, CBS News and Boston Herald