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Team Contact List

International Assistant Application

Email the team you selected for an interview your (1) Application, (2) Essays and Scenarios. If you are abroad, email Team Abroad.

Please note: Clicking the Team # link will open your default email application. 


Team Number                     

Member  1 Member 2

Team Abroad



Team 1     


Matthew Vernace
  Helene Snyder  

Team 2


Isaac Holterman


Giulia de Ouro Preto

Team 3



Andre Bucsan 


Grace Danehy

Team 4


Tyler Coyne Sarah Hunkins

Team 5


Patrick Fei
Helena Snyder

Team 6


Helena Low
Humza Ali
Team 7


Catherine Senoyuit Eleanor Song

Team 8


Savannah Clarke   Feier Zhao

Team 9


Charlie Charboneau


Isaac Holterman


Team 10



Giulia de Ouro Preto


Savannah Clarke 
Team 11


Helena Low


Feier Zhao


Team 12


Sabrina Black   Courtney Griffin
Team 13


Daniel Paulos   Catherine Senoyuit

Team 14


Samuela Nematchoua Matthew Vernace

Team 15


Humza Ali
Daniel Paulos
Team 16


Samuela Nematchoua
Tyler Coyne

Team 17


Sabrina Black Grace Danehy

Team 18


Andre Bucsan Giulia de Ouro Preto

Team 19


Courtney Griffin
Charlie Charboneau

Team 20



Patrick Fei


Sarah Hunkins