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New IA Application Instructions

Please take time to review this information carefully. It contains important information regarding the roles of an International Assistant and the application process. The International Assistant program is a year-long commitment. Before scheduling an interview, be sure you can make a total commitment to the purpose, dates and requirements of the program. Also, it is to your advantage to turn in your application and schedule an interview early, as there are limited interview times available.

The application process is electronic. It is important that you follow the steps outlined below in sequence to complete the application.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Complete all of the essays and scenarios.  

  • ESSAY/SCENARIO INSTRUCTIONS: Download the Essay and Scenario Form word document. Save the document to your hard drive. Fill in your answers on the formatted word document and save your work.
  • Please save in a Word document as: LASTNAME_NEWIAESSAYS.doc

Step 4

Complete the application form.

  • Please save in a Word document as: LASTNAME_NEWIAAPPLICATION.doc
  • Leave interview team portion blank for step 6.  

Step 5

Check the interview teams to be sure you do not sign up with a team containing members you know.


Sign up for an interview.

  • Once all of your essays  and application are completed and ready to be sent you can sign up for an interview time. Please remember to choose an interview team whom you do not know the team members.

step 6

  • Enter interview team, time and date on application form. 

step 7 

Please submit application immediately after signing up for an interview.

Email application, essays and scenarios to interview team.


Applications are being accepted from Monday 2/23/2015 to Monday 3/23/2015.

Interviews are being held from Saturday 3/14/2015 to Saturday 4/11/2015


*If you have any problems during this application process please contact the OISS at 617-552-8005 or


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