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Thanksgiving Host Program 2012

For the past 21 years, the OISS has coordinated a Thanksgiving Host Program for international students.  The program is designed to match Boston College international students with a BC faculty or staff member in order to give international students the opportunity to experience the American holiday.  This year there were 50 students hosted by 21 faculty and staff members.  

Feedback about the program was very positive.  In general, said an international student, this program was “a true culture immersion experience,” one that “offered a sense of belonging,” according to another.  One student commented, “Finally, we could feel like Boston and Boston College are our big family and the place where we really belong.”

One staff member who hosted several international students remarked, “I think this is a great experience for both the hosts and the students. So often we just come to BC and do what we do. But this program gives us a chance to get to know the students more.”  Another host echoed this sentiment: “It was a great way to develop an additional connection to the BC community.”  Someone else posed the question: “If your child were on a different continent during a holiday, wouldn't you want a family to make them welcome?”

Overall, the Thanksgiving Host Program was once again a success.  The international students really appreciated the chance to experience this important American holiday, and hosts enjoyed meeting students from various countries and sharing their customs and culture.

If you are interested in participating next year, we have sign-ups online starting every November.  If you enjoyed the experience, please let a fellow student or a fellow colleague know! Thanksgiving Host Program

Thanksgiving 2012 Fouad Freiha

Fouad Freiha, who is the Programmer Analyst in Student & Academic Application Services, (part of ITS) hosted two students, Pine and Donny (Zhenhang Wu and Yuqi Wang), at his home for Thanksgiving.


BC students enjoyed Thanksgiving at Daniel Ponsetto’s home.  From the left: Sam(Shi) Yin, Mark(Guotang) Yang, Anna(Han) Wang, and Qinming Zhang.