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Conversation Partners Program


The Conversation Partners Program (CPP) is a volunteer program that matches international graduate students who want to practice their conversational English skills with a member of the BC community.  This past semester, the OISS matched nearly 100 international graduate students with a fluent English speaker! The English-speaking partners include BC faculty, administrators, undergraduate and graduate students. 

The purpose of this program is to help to connect people across the university through conversation, cultural exchange, and friendship.   The pairs make a one-year commitment to meet each week for one hour to discuss a variety of topics including the international student’s culture, American culture and customs, as well as their academic interests and hobbies.   Through these conversations, the international graduate students have the opportunity to practice English in a comfortable and informal setting and learn American slang and idioms. 

Jennie Thomas, who is Associate Director of the Presidential Scholars Program, commented, "I have enjoyed getting to know my conversation partner, who is from Korea.  It has given me the chance to get to know a bit about that country, which I have never visited.  In addition, I am learning a bit about the School for Theology and Ministry, where my partner is a student."

Her conversation partner Sihyong Park, who is a PhD student in STM, expressed his appreciation for the CPP program.  Glad to be conversation partners with Jennie, he added that he feels more comfortable speaking English. In addition, he enjoys the opportunity to learn about American culture through this program.

If you are interested in joining the Conversation Partner Program, please see CPP Webpage