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OISS Newsletter May 2012

November Newsletter - Office of International Students and Scholars - Boston College

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May 2012


Tuesday, April 3rd was an enjoyable day for international students and their International Assistants.  In celebration of the recent Easter holiday, the IAs showed students how to dye eggs in bright shades of blue, pink, green and yellow.  As explained to them, coloring or dyeing eggs is an Easter tradition in the U.S...Continue


Ellen Zamecnik-Bowley and Taeuk Moon can claim the title for the longest-standing conversation partners—not only have they been meeting since the Conversation Partner Program started in 2009, they have also consistently met for once a week for nearly two and a half years....Continue



Dana Riechman started at the end of February as the new International Advising Assistant.  Please read her introduction and welcome her to BC when you see her....Continue 


On Wednesday, March 14th, approximately thirty-five international students attended the Interviewing Tips and Strategies workshop in Gasson Hall, presented by Jessica Chance, Assistant Director of Career Counseling and Diversity Resources at the Career Center... Continue


Upcoming Events

August 10- Deadline to respond for International Orientation Online

August 26-28- Undergraduate First-Year Orientation 7

August 27- MBA and First Year Law Students Begin

August 28 - Exchange Student Orientation

August 28-29- International Orientation for all new students

August 30- International Orientation continues for exchange and undegraduates

August 30- Graduate Student Life Orientation

September 4- Undergraduate Classes Begin

September 14- Deadline for Immigration Check-In with OISS


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Graduate Student News

Undergraduate Student News


Message from Shawn Savage- President of the Graduate International Student Association

Since November 2011 the Graduate International Student Association (GISA) continued to offer many activities for the Boston College community to sustain our vision of Connecting Cultures on Campus. In November the GISA attended and donated to the BC Concert for the Congo, and in December, GISA co-sponsored an end of semester lunch and celebration with OISS-CFLC-OGSL.
Most of the events, however, were executed and sponsored by our individual teams...Continue

Email: OR Facebook: BC Gisa



Message from President Raoul-Edgar Paltzer of the International Club of Boston College (ICBC)

The International Club of Boston College (ICBC) seeks to bring all international students together to create a stronger and more active community on campus. Over the past two semesters we decided to refocus our efforts on events that were becoming tradition. The International Prom (Fall 2011) once again sold out and was a remarkable success, with students overindulging in our chocolate fountain and dancing the night away. Food is a key word with many events, but our International Chef cooking contest (Fall 2011) took it to a new level with teams competing to become International Chefs of the year.  Kaleidoscope, our annual...Continue

Email: Noele Illien or Samantha Koss - Incoming ICBC presidents

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