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English Language Resources

English Language Learner (ELL) resources for international students

Connors Family Learning Center

O'Neil Library 2nd Floor
Monday-Thursday 10AM-9PM, Friday 10AM-3PM, Sunday 12PM-8PM
Appointments: Visit the front desk or call (617) 552-0611

The Connors Family Learning Center provides tutoring in over 60 subjects including the following assistance for English Language Learners:

  • Speaking assistance:  Students meet with tutors to practice English for an hour in a casual situation with a supportive conversation partner.
  • Faculty and Teaching Assistant/Teaching Fellow support: Class visits, orientation, and seminars.
  • Lunch Seminars: Graduate student lunch seminars are held on teaching and professional life. The CFLC also co-sponsors the Graduate International Lunch Discussion Series.
  • Undergraduate Guides Program (for Chemistry TAs): This program pairs international TAs in the Chemistry department with undergraduate Chemistry majors to help with any language problems that arise. The undergraduate guides also meet with the graduate students for one hour a week outside of lab to answer any questions. 


Boston College Language Laboratory


Lyons Hall, Room 313
Monday-Thursday 8AM–10PM, Friday 8AM–5PM, Sunday 1PM– 9PM
Holidays and vacation periods:  Hours to be posted.


The Boston College Language Laboratory serves the language learning and teaching needs of the University's language departments as well as students of English as a Foreign Language, and the BC community at large. The facility provides access to installed and portable equipment to be used with audio, video, cable television and multimedia language learning tools. It also boasts an extensive catalog of resources in more than 17 languages, including English as a Foreign Language, to facilitate language learning and teaching as well as to promote cultural awareness.


Among the Lab’s English resources are media programs that focus on (1) pronunciation and speaking, (2) improving one’s use of English in business/workplace situations, (3) understanding and using English grammar.  Resources to develop reading and listening comprehension skills are also available and include a collection of feature-length international films with English audio tracks and/or English subtitles.  Please consult the Lab’s online Catalog of English Resources for a description of programs available for use within the lab facility in Lyons 313, upon presentation of a valid Boston College ID. The Langauge Lab also has on-line tutoring and resources 


For more information, please contact Cynthia Bravo, Director, BC Language Laboratory: or 617-552-8473




International Graduate Student Lunch Discussion Series


Connors Family Learning Center, 2nd Floor O’Neil Library
Fridays 1-2PM during the academic year.
Lunch is provided, RSVP required.
Topics are sent from the OISS graduate international student listserv each week.


The Connors Family Learning Center, OISS and Graduate Student Life sponsor weekly discussion groups to give international graduate students the opportunity to share lunch together and engage in discussion about a variety topics regarding US and BC culture. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow graduate students and practice your English in a friendly environment.






Conversations Partners Program


The Office of International Students and Scholar is piloting a Coversations Partners Program in spring 2010.  The program matches graduate international students with native English speaking members of the BC community as a way for international students to practice conversational English once per week.  Please contact the OISS at 617 552 8005 or for more information.




Undergraduate English Courses


The English Department offers two undergraduate courses sfor English Language Learners:
EN009:  First Year Writing Seminar for English Language Learners
Satisfies Writing Core (Fall/Spring:3 credits)
EN 079: Literary Forms for English Language Learners 
Satisfies Literature Core (Spring: 3 creidts)
Course enrollment is by special placement only and is only offered to undergraduate students. For more information contact Mary Crane in the English Department.


Graduate English Courses 


EN70001 English Language Training for Grad Level Students (Spring:0 credits)
Department permission only
This course focuses on academic writing skills that are necessary for graduate-level courses.  Students will read and respond to selected literary essays.  Students will gain practice in the writing of academic essays and exposure to English rhetoric, with emphasis on written analysis and the logical support of ideas. Attention to skills such as paraphrase, summary, critical synthesis, and argument will be explored in class. Grammar is taught in the context of the readings and student-generated writing. 


Contact the OISS for more information at 617 552 8005 or