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Project Goal

University Mission and Ministry Service Center

The goal of this project is to implement a centralized, web‐based, database centric, information system to manage the administration and operational needs of the division, enhancing interoperability while improving the scalability of programs and the development of each participant. This system will, at its core, collect and store centrally the data related to programming and engagement opportunities and overall involvement by students, faculty, and staff, and retain that information overtime.

The data from this operational system will be merged with other institutional data in the enterprise data warehouse. Robust tools will be used to meet the reporting and analytical needs of the University Mission and Ministry Division and other university constituents.

Phase I, Short‐Term

Create a base‐line information system that will contain historic data for the past four years of students, faculty and staff involvement with the top programs (Phase I High Priority) for each department within the division. The system will be used on an ongoing basis to maintain this information going forward for all programs identified (Phase I Medium & Low priority). This system will be used to extract data for further report and analysis for the UMM Vice President. The following high‐level steps are being pursued:

  • Identify and analyze historical program data for top (Phase I High priority) programs in each department, as identified by Work Group
  • Create base‐line system for storing and managing programs and data
  • Migrate (upload) historic program information and program operational data into the base‐line system
  • Integrate enterprise student data from the Student System into base‐line system
  • Integrate enterprise faculty/staff data from the HR system into base‐line system
  • Align business process in the division for maintaining program information and program operational data within system going forward (define how and when to take data from silos and load into base‐line system)

Phase II, Long-Term

  • Expand usage of the base‐line system to track data for all programs and program involvement
  • Expand base‐line system to incorporate operational processes of program administration in order to remove silos, improve operational efficiencies, and allow data to be maintained in single location
  • Identify requirements for data analysis and operational reporting at departmental and divisional level; develop supportable and scalable solutions
  • Identify requirements for data analysis and operational reporting at enterprise level; develop supportable and scalable solutions