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Historical Data

University Mission and Ministry Service Center

The historical data application requires that all data sets uploaded are maintained and updated with ongoing program data from this point forward and until Phase II is completed. In order to accomplish this important step, all program owners will need to provide data to be uploaded to the application as follows:

  1. Data owners will submit their program schedules for the next 12 months to the Work Group
  2. Upon the conclusion of each program, the program owner must submit the appropriate data for such program to the UMM Service Center using the excel template that will be provided
  3. Ray Rivera, and eventually the UMM Service Center, will be responsible for the upload of the data onto the application
  4. Validation must be completed by data owners promptly after upload is completed
  5. This process will be replaced by the Phase II application, through the data capture at the initial “entry” point, such as an online application/selection of participants