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What We Do

What does Montserrat do for your child?

The Boston College experience extends beyond the academic halls and touches service, reflection, exposure, and socialization; we intend to break financial barriers so that Montserrat students have the opportunity to experience and utilize all that BC has to offer. Assembled together in a single location, Montserrat hopes to be a platform for students, providing answers and support where possible and specific direction in situations where aid is better provided and needs more adequately met outside of our office. Some of the myriad ways we support our students are listed below:

Photo of students on trip

Service and Retreat Funding: Through collaboration with the Volunteer and Service Learning Center, Montserrat is able to provide a fellowship that covers the initial deposit fee for students intending to partake in a BC approved international or domestic service and/or immersion program.  As a stipulation of the fellowship, students must meet with the Program Administrator or current GA to reflect on ‘what it means to serve and to discuss and plan the fundraising component of the trip.   

Academic and Academic-Enrichment Funding Requests: Montserrat has an allocation of funds to students wanting to participate in non-traditional academic activities like unpaid research opportunities. Students must submit a request form as well as schedule an appointment to discuss potential funding.

Free Tickets: Access to ticketed events is Montserrat’s foremost initiative in assisting students of high financial need to experience the BC social culture. Students are contacted and encouraged to enter a lottery for specific events. 

Work-Study Position Notifications: All available Work-Study positions provided by BC will be listed and updated on the Student Employment section of the Student Services website. Montserrat emails out specific openings for our students by email throughout the year. We encourage students in need of a Work-Study job to contact us and provide us with an updated copy of their resume so that we can notify them when a position becomes available.

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Study-Abroad Advisement: In collaboration with the Office of International Programs, Montserrat has established a liaison between our office and OIP so that students can explore the available scholarship and grant options for funding abroad experiences.

Emergency, Personal and/or Financial Support: Our fundamental mission is to support students struggling with serious personal or financial situations. We encourage any student struggling or facing serious financial burden to come see us so that we may determine the appropriate resources.