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Montserrat Parents

Montserrat Parents Page

What does Montserrat Do for My Child?

Through exploring our website, you will find there is a section of the website you will not be able to access. Beyond the password restriction are resources designated and tailored specifically for Montserrat students. As parents of Boston College students, your role in your child's life has dramatically changed. Whether you are living locally or across the country, Montserrat hopes to provide you with a central resource for support, information, and most importantly, direction, not too unlike the support we offer your children, our Montserrat students. The information provided includes advice and deadlines relating to financial aid, grant and scholarship information for study abroad pursuits, fiscal aid for both domestic and international service as well as retreats, a compilation of work positions listed as we are notified of them, and a regularly updated calendar of free events happening on campus. Montserrat realizes that the Boston College experience extends beyond the academic halls and touches service, reflection, exposure, and socialization; we intend to break financial barriers so that Montserrat students have the opportunity to experience and utilize all that BC has to offer. Assembled together in a single location, Montserrat hopes to be a platform for students, providing answers and support where possible and specific direction in situations where aid is better provided and needs more adequately met outside of our office.

Navigating Financial Aid

Although it is vital that your child develop a sense of independence while at Boston College, there are many ways in which you can offer support while also encouraging a path towards adulthood. As a Montserrat student, a Boston College undergraduate designated as a student of the highest financial need, your child should make every effort to fully understand his/her financial aid package, as it will be crucial to navigating the rest of his/her time here at BC. Every time your child visits the Montserrat Office, to pick up a ticket or for a scheduled meeting, we ask whether or not he/she knows his/her Financial Aid Associate and if he/she has met with him/her yet. The first crucial step in understanding a financial aid package is that your child meet and establish a relationship with his/her Financial Aid Associate. Although Montserrat supports your children, we have no access to his/her personal packages; only the particular associate can answer specific questions, make changes, and explain the package on an individual basis.

Forms, Taxes, and the Family Situation

Understanding Your Role

As important as it is for you, as a Montserrat Parent, to couple with our efforts in pushing students to meet with their Financial Aid Associate, it is just as important that you understand your role. We can hardly emphasize enough the importance of deadlines. A student's financial aid package can not be properly decided until all related paperwork has been submitted. This paperwork includes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and your Tax forms. To determine the adequate amount of aid to provide to a student, the Financial Aid Associate MUST have the tax information of the parent AND the FAFSA; both forms must be completed and submitted each year. Montserrat students are eligible for the highest amounts of financial aid, but a Financial Aid Associate must be aware of all circumstances in the household to award a student the necessary finances. This means that if there is a sudden loss of employment, medical or caretaker bills for a family member (for example, the cost of caring for an aged/sick grandparent), or necessary expenses not addressed in financial aid applications (for example, another child attending college), your child's Financial Aid Associate MUST be alerted. It is only with complete knowledge of the family's personal circumstances that a Financial Aid Associate can judge the amount of aid to award your child.

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Useful Financial Aid Resources

Financial Services: Homepage for the Office of Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)

BC Financial Aid Application

FAFSA: BC code 002128

Tax Retrieval Tool: Incorporates Tax information directly into FAFSA

Non-Custodial Parent Form

Loan Repayment

Important Deadlines

Important Date

April 15:

  • FAFSA (as early as Jan. 1; no later than April 15)
  • Boston College Financial Aid Application
  • signed copy of student's federal tax returns and W-2 statement
  • signed copy of parents' federal tax return and W-2 statement
  • Non-Custodial Parent Form
  • signed copy of non-custodial parent's federal tax return and W-2 statement