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Frank Garcia-Ornelas

Montserrat Assistant Manager




Frank Garcia-Ornelas MSW '16
Assistant Manager


Monday-Friday: 10:00am-5:00pm

*If you would like to setup a meeting with Frank please stop by the office at your convenience to sign up for a time.

Frank was born is Kansas City, KS. No he didn’t grow up on a farm and yes there are two Kansas Cities, we know strange right!? This will be Frank's fourth year with the Montserrat Office. Frank was the Graduate Assistant the last three years and is now the Assistant Manager of the office. Congratulations!!! Frank received his BA in Art from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and his Master of Social Work from Boston College.

Frank states "I’ve kept myself busy throughout my time here by obtaining positions in multiple offices but I have to say my passion lies within the Montserrat Office. I was a high-financial need college undergrad who felt lost and out of touch at the Jesuit University I first attended. I struggled, wasn't supported, and did not have a place I could call "home" so I transferred my Junior year. No student should ever have to experience what I did. Here at the Montserrat Office I have been granted the privilege of assisting and learning from some of the most amazing students I've ever met. I love waking up in the morning and coming to "work." This office provides students with financial support, mentorship, a safe space to voice their opinions, a place for them to be their authentic selves, and most importantly a place they can call "home" here at BC. Montserrat is family to me. My goal everyday is to make every student who walks in those doors feel valued, heard, and most importantly special. This isn’t a job to me, it is an honor and I thank the students for allowing me the privilege of being able to work for and with them. I've found a home here!