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Montserrat Coalition

Photo of Yvonne McBarnett the Montserrat Coalition Manager

Yvonne McBarnett
        Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

*If you would like to setup a meeting with Yvonne please stop by the office to sign up for a time.

Frank Garcia

Frank Garcia-Ornelas
Graduate Assistant

        Tuesday: 10am-5pm
        Wednesday: 10am-5pm
        Thursday: 10pm-4pm

OIP- Montserrat Liaison

All students interested in study abroad should first meet with OIP Montserrat Liaison to talk about financial aid and scholarships abroad. Make an appointment online.




Front door of Brock House, on College Road

The Montserrat Office is located in Brock House, 78 College Road. Students will pick up all awarded tickets here (unless otherwise directed). We also encourage students to stop by the office with any questions or concerns, or just to say 'Hi!' Our lounge area is open 9 AM-5 PM, Monday-Friday; come by to grab coffee or snacks or to get some work done.

To contact us, either contact us directly or email Montserrat at