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El Paso/Juarez

Arrupe International

Annunciation House

Trip Destination 
El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Trip Dates
Approximately 8–10 days at the end of Winter Break
Coordinating Organization
BC Campus Ministry, in collaboration with Annunciation House, an organization that hosts a "Border Awareness Experience" for many different groups and populations. 

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About Annunciation House and the Border Awareness Experience

Annunciation House has been working in El Paso/Ciudad Juarez since 1978 operating houses of hospitality for migrants and refugees. Annunciation House is a Catholic organization that accompanies the migrant, homeless, and economically vulnerable peoples of the border region through hospitality, advocacy, and education. It has an all volunteer staff who place themselves among these poor so as transform their understanding of what constitutes more just relationships between peoples, countries, and economies.

In the early 1990s Annunciation House developed the Border Awareness Experience (BAE). The objective of the BAE is to facilitate face to face meetings and encounters between participants and people and groups on both sides of the border. It intends to raise consciousness about the issues facing the border such as immigration, economic development, human rights, and social justice. The BAE also educates North Americans about our role and responsibilities in today’s globalized world.