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Manresa Retreat

ignatian spiritual exercises directed retreat

January 7-11, 2015
(last week of winter break)

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What is Manresa?

  • Campus Ministry's annual directed retreat for undergraduate students based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola, inspired by Ignatius' experience in the cave in Manresa, Spain
  • A time of quiet, reflection, and prayer in an open, flexible schedule in a setting of real peace 
  • A powerful experience of community, faith, and discernment
  • Takes place at BC's beautiful Connors Family Retreat Center in Dover, MA

What's it like?

  • Plenty of time to rest, explore the grounds, reflect, read, and just be, free of the pressures and stress of daily campus life
  • Retreatants can follow the structure of St. Ignatius' Spiritual Exercises if they'd like
  • Retreatants meet with a spiritual director each day: one hour individual meetings with any of several campus ministers, priests, or other BC faculty/staff to discuss faith and life.  Click here for a more comprehensive description of spiritual direction   
  • Each day includes a Liturgy of the Eucharist and a prayer service, from reconciliation to thanksgiving and meditation

Who can go?

  • The retreat is open to any undergraduate student at BC
  • Note to graduate students: while graduate students have participated in the retreat in the past, the retreat will give prefence to undergraduates and will place graduate students on the retreat only if there are open spots by the signup deadline.  Interested graduate students should sign up in case this happens, but understand that there may not be any spots available.   
  • The retreat's religious focus is Christianity in the Roman Catholic tradition; there is no faith requirement for the retreat.  Directors will be coming from, and are not limited to, a Catholic Christian perspective  


  • The cost to attend the retreat is $75, but cost will not prevent anyone from attending.  Contact Rick Rossi with any questions regarding the fee.
  • Residential Life will grant early access to dorms to return belongings before the retreat.
  • Campus Ministry provides optional transportation to the retreat center.

Contact Rick Rossi with any questions.   


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". . . If we are so intent on responding even better to the love of God wherever it will lead us in our life, we will find the kind of quiet in which the movement of God in our life becomes all the more apparent . . ."

– Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, 20