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Campus Ministry

Road sign that says, A retreat experience for first year students: Beginnings

For more information, contact Chris Darcy.

is an annual retreat sponsored by Campus Ministry that allows first-year students to break out of the "BC bubble" midway through their first semester. Students join one another for 3 days in meaningful community that reflects on how their spiritual or religious identity has grown or changed since arriving at Boston College.

This retreat is sponsored by upperclassmen and graduate staff and is open to all first-year students, regardless of faith or religious identity. The retreat can be used as a time for looking at how relationships (with peers, family, and God) have impacted your experience as Boston College students.

Beginnings is an opportunity for students to meet with others who hope to seek the Magis, "the greater", within their relationships, within their first year experience, throughout their time at BC, and beyond



Beginnings Leadership Team

Are you interested in helping freshmen explore their relationship with God? Apply to be on the Beginnings Leadership Team. Leaders facilitate faith discussions, give talks, and build community.  If you have more questions, please email