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Liturgical Ministries

campus ministry

Inside St. Ignatius church

Weekly student liturgies at Boston College are celebrated in chapels and worship spaces in each of the three residential areas of campus: Trinity Chapel on Newton Campus, St. Joe’s Chapel on upper campus, and St. Ignatius Church and the Heights Room on the lower campus. Our student liturgies are enhanced by the talents and gifts of many people, and we encourage you to share your gifts with our worshipping communities in any of the following ways:

Eucharistic Ministers

Distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful, participating in the ministry of the table of God which feeds the hungers and the longing of our heart for truth. Eucharistic ministers must be fully initiated Catholics.


Proclaim the true and saving word of God through the scriptures, and lead the assembly in the prayers of intercession. Lectors must be members of the Christian faith.


Assist with the preparation of the liturgy, and, through serving at the Mass, act as faithful witnesses within the community. These individuals hold paid positions from Campus Ministry.

Liturgical Coordinators

Schedule the Eucharistic ministers and lectors for each liturgy, as well as assigning the Eucharistic ministers to their stations for the liturgy and finding substitutes as needed.

Greeters/Ministers of Hospitality

Help to create a welcoming environment at Mass. Greeters extend a welcome and sense of hospitality by greeting arriving worshipers, distributing mass programs, coordinating the collection, and setting up post-Mass socials.

Liturgy Commission Members

Help plan for the liturgical seasons, as well as special liturgies throughout the year. Each of the main worshipping communities has its own commission which meets several times a semester. Membership is open to anyone interested in liturgy and liturgical environment.

Music Ministers

Share the gift of music with the community of Boston College at weekend liturgies and at special events on campus throughout the year. Please check out the Liturgy Arts Group section of our website, or contact Meyer Chambers or JoJo David for more information.


Photo of chalice and communion cup in St. Ignatius

How to get involved

Any student who desires to serve as a minister in any capacity (with the exception of music ministers, see above) should complete the Liturgical Ministries application (use your BC credentials to login). You will then be contacted by Ellen Modica to set up an appointment to talk about your interest and to learn more about the process. Training is required to participate in some ministries; more information and dates for these trainings can be found on our calendar page. You can also speak to any Campus Minister after Mass for further information.

Campus Ministry offers several formational opportunities each semester to students involved in any of our liturgical ministries, or any interested student. More information can be found on our calendar page.

Whether you have served as a minister at your home parish or school, or if you’d like to give it a try for the first time, we welcome all students to participate and hope you will find a home here with us. Please contact Ellen Modica for more information on how to get involved.