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Interfaith Coalition

Campus Ministry



The Interfaith Coalition, formerly known as Interfaith Dialogue Club, has the ability to act with compassion, love, and respect towards all humankind, regardless of cultural background, is of paramount importance. The ability to engage in dialogue between different faith traditions has become increasingly important in order to gain an inter-religious and inter-cultural perspective on global affairs, as well as a way to strengthen one's own faith.

We hope to engage in all forms of dialogue, such as visiting worship services, engaging in service projects or sharing personal testimonies in a small group setting.

If anyone is interested in interfaith dialogue or multifaith learning opportunities, please contact Reverend McLendon. In 2014-2015, Campus Ministry's Multifaith Office will be putting on a Multifaith Thanksgiving Celebration, the Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Gathering, and an Ecumenical Prayer for Christian Unity.



Reverend Howard McLendon:
(617) 552-2793



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Students serving desserts on a service retreat
Commonground: Interfaith Service Retreat