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Campus Ministry Student Organizations

finanancial forms

W9 or W8-Ben

The W9 form must be filled out for new vendors and then submited prior to being paid.

The W8-Ben is the International Vendor Form, it requires the same instructions as the W9.

Student Organizations Deposit Form

The Student Organization Deposit Forms is for fundraising only.


Direct Deposit
(for students)

Boston College will process all expense reimbursement payments by Direct Deposit into your bank account. Please click on the form and follow the directions.


Student Expense Form

The Expense Reimbursement form is for paying BC empolyees, students, or faculty who submit receipts for expense they incurred while participating in one of our programs.You also need to supply reciepts, both credit card and detailed receipts.

*Note: for any meals or social event, you must submit a list of all attendees

Voucher Form

The Voucher Form is for paying vendors' invoices that are businesses or organizations.

*Note: If they are new vendors they must submit a completed W9 or a W8-BEN form prior to being paid.

Honorarium Form

The Honorarium form is for paying non-BC individuals who perform a service. For example,  a speaker or a musician.


Campus Ministry Student Participation

Please complete the Campus Ministry Student Participation form once a year to let us know if you participate in one of the listed groups. If a group is not listed, it is likely that someone associated with the group has already submitted participation.



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